Peachy Lips: No.7 Nourishing Lip Shine Review

Hello 🙂

So you should all know by now that I am a fan of the colour peach when it comes to make up. Peach blush and lips are my favourite summer make up trends and I’m always on the look out for peach blushes and lip colours. Lipstick’s and glosses are more hard to find in peachy shades, yes some adorn the stands of Boots and Superdrug but usually so does big shards of glitter (seriously drugstore brands what’s with all the glitter?) But recently there has been quite a few reviews and videos pop up about the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector which has a gorgeous peach colour in it’s shade range. However being a ex student who still hasn’t found a job, spending £16 ish on a lip gloss is something I can’t quite justify. No matter how nice they are. So I was over joyed when I saw that No.7 had released some practically identical lip glosses in their Summer range. I was even more overjoyed when I saw a peach shade and that the No.7 £5 vouchers were back meaning that these were just £5.50. I went to my local Boots and luckily they had a few left, I took one of the peach shades and ran to the till with my No.7 voucher. I was quite disappointed I was hoping with the hype about them there might of had to of been an lip glosses at dawn fight to grab one, but no it was very tame.

Now first things first I don’t own the Clarins lip gloss so I can’t vouch if it’s a good dupe or not, but I’ll tell what I think about this lip gloss and compare it with things that I’ve seen about the Clarins version in other blog posts. So the packaging is very similar, I think I like the No.7 version better because of the snazzy lid and the No.7 Nourishing Lip Shine comes in two colours a peach and a pink. It also has a foam applicator as does the Clarins version but the No.7 takes so much effort to actually get the product out! You have to really push it out to get a decent amount of gloss out, this makes me worried that this might not last too long but hey at least you’re getting a work out when applying your lip gloss. This gloss also doesn’t smell which is disappointing because who doesn’t like a nice smelling lip gloss? Apparently the Clarins one smells all nice and fruity so I guess with those extra pennies you get a nice smell. The actual gloss is actually really nice, it’s not overly pigmented but it has a peach sheen and I think it works best when paired over the top of a peach lipstick. For example this looks lovely over MAC Shy Girl or Topshop’s Coy. The gloss doesn’t last a long time but let’s be honest what lip gloss does? It’s not sticky, it’s quite light and looks nice on the lips, none of that gloopy business. Overall I really like this product and I’m glad I picked it up, it’s definitely fitting the bill for a pretty peach gloss for the summer. Of course I imagine the Clarins version is a bit better but it’s also £10 more when you take in account the No.7 £5 vouchers. If you want a nice light lip gloss for the summer then I’d definitely pick one of the No.7 Nourishing Lip Shine’s up especially with the vouchers, for just £5.50 /10.50 it’s a bit of a bargain. Have you tried the No.7 Nourishing Lip Shines? Or have you tried the Clarins Light Natural Lip Perfector? What did you think?

So I hope you’ve all had a lovely Wednesday, it has been another miserable day here, seriously this weather needs to sort itself out! I’m also due some uni results in about half a hour and truth be told ( I always say that like Ness from Gavin and Stacy in my head) I am feeling sick with nerves! The unit I’m getting back is the unit I probably found the hardest so I haven’t a clue what I got. Eeek! I’m also trying to stop myself from buying some gorgeous pink shorts from Topshop, I keep telling myself I need to make the most of my student discount! Whoops! Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂