All I Want Is World Peace … and Pretty Jewellery: Astrid & Miyu Review


A little while ago when we had that lovely week and a half heat
wave, a jewellery boutique called
Astrid and Miyu got in contact with me to see
if I’d like to review some jewellery on my blog. I’m quite picky with what I
feature on here so I had a little look and was pleasantly surprised to see a
lovely little website full of many gorgeous jewellery pieces. I just had to
take up Astrid and Miyu up on their very kind offer and before I knew it two delicate
packages were popped through my letterbox, well to be precise popped into my
hand by the post lady who I may add comes about two hours earlier than the old postman (he wasn’t old by the way, just slow or
maybe lazy which is why we have a new post lady, or maybe he was fed up of
seeing me in my pyjamas and make up free) Ha yes I’ve divulged, I’m sure you
don’t want to know about how my post gets delivered. Astrid and Miyu are a
online jewellery boutique who specialise in costume jewellery. Co founders Jenny
and Connie travel across the world to find delicate and unique pieces to sell
on Astrid and Miyu.  

Make me lucky horseshoe charm:£22*

I wish for world peace: £24* 

I decided to choose two items from
the website and opted for two necklaces, I’d seen them layered on the website
and really liked the effect and decided I wanted to re-create the look. As much
as I love my Corrie necklace I’d had it for three years and I thought I could
maybe do with switching my necklaces up. I chose a very delicate horseshoe
necklace to bring me luck and a peace sign which symbolises world peace. Look
at me, I could run for miss world with that last sentence! I’m a little bit of
a worrier (okay I’m a lot of a worrier) so for some reason I thought having a
horseshoe necklace may make me feel better and it does (don’t laugh, when you
have anxiety you go with whatever makes you feel better.) Not only are my
necklaces supposed to bring me luck and peace but they also look so cute! They
are on the most delicate silver chains and the symbols have silver diamante.
They look so nice on their own or layered up together. They’re small but
noticeable and so many of you have asked on my YouTube where I have got my
necklace from… well here you go! I’m really impressed with Astrid and Miyu,
their jewellery is a little different but really lovely and although it’s
probably a little more than what you’d normally spend on jewellery it’s nice
for a treat. Or even make a great present for your sister, Mum or a friend. I
love my necklaces and I know when I get all nervous about flying to America
these will help me out… and they’ll also look really nice at the same time!

If you fancy treating yourself or
someone you love I’d head to Astrid and Miyu for sure J I fell in love with lots of lovely
pieces! So I hope you’ve all had great day, sorry for the absence on here! I have been back home and the internet went down on Sunday night and only came back on today! I could of blogged from my Ipad but had no pictures saved on there grrr! I also had a mare with my laptop today as the battery has died meaning that I’ve had to order a new one! Anyways, hopefully it’s all sorted now and I’m back home tomorrow so I’ll be blogging more regularly over the weekend, before I start my new job (eeeek) and go on holiday next week!! Speak soon 🙂 

*PR Samples