American Adventure Part One: NYC


 Have you missed me? I bet you have secretly 😉 nah of course I’m joking! As you may know I have been in the USA the past two weeks visiting NYC, Orlando and Miami. I have had an amazing time with my boyfriend and I’m very sad to be back in the UK which means back to rain and of course work. I hope you’re all well and have had a good two weeks! I haven’t got much gossip apart from the fact I have had my uni results…*drum roll* I got a 2:1! Hurrah, so relieved and pleased that all my hard work paid off! That was a relief for sure! Now we’ve done a lot in the past fourteen days so I’m going to split the posts up into the places we visited. So this is part one, New York City.

 The Lowdown: 

We arrived at Newark airport on Friday 13th July to a very sunny and humid New York! Boy was I glad I’d packed lots of shorts! After an expensive taxi journey to our hotel The New Yorker(would recommend flying into JFK for sure as it’s nearer.) Quick lowdown on the hotel, room was tiny! Bathroom a bit shabby and close enough to everything but if we went back I wouldn’t stay there again. We were in NYC for four days and decided to try and pack in as much as we possibly could!

Day One:
We arrived in New York feeling very groggy and tired thanks to our five am wake up call.Due to the time difference we were shattered and didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves! We went for a wander and wow I did not expect NYC to be so big and so busy! I also didn’t realise everything would be so spread out, we had a walk around and found Times Square, Grand Central Station and sat in Byrant Park for a drink. After a walk round we were shattered and headed back for an early night feeling slightly overwhelmed by the big apple. 

 Day Two:
Once we’d had a good nights sleep we felt much better and decided that today we would get on a hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour to get round everywhere. We marched up to to Times Square after a hearty breakfast of amazing pancakes from the Tik Tok Diner which is underneath the New Yorker hotel. We went with Gray Line bus tour and opted for the 48 hour all tours package, this was something like $54 which we didn’t think was too bad!

We decided to do the downtown tour first which featured sites such as The empire state building, Ground Zero and battery park which is where you can see the statue of liberty from. There were many more sites and my boyfriend and I enjoyed very much sitting on an open top bus with the wind in our hair looking at NYC’s most famous sites. After that tour had finished we popped onto the uptown tour which on the way we bumped into Michelle Obama!

The uptown tour took us round the upper east side, Central Park and finally to Harlem. This one was a bit quieter and calmer and 1 again it was nice to take in New York as we really got to see a lot of the city that day! Feeling tired and hungry we then went in search for food and found a pizza place called New York Pizza Suprema (I think) it’s next to the post office which is open 24/7 and is just across from Madison Square Gardens. They sold pizza by the slice which was the size of your head I add and there were so many choices. They also proudly said how they were voted one of the best pizza places in New York. The food was good and cheap and the staff were friendly. We were sold!

Feeling content and full of pizza we then decided to g to times square in the evening as we wanted to see it at night. We however forgot it was a Saturday night and we arrived to about 3/4000 people and feeling like a sardine! There were some crazy people about including a man with a snake! Boy did me and my boyfriend jump out of our skins! We didn’t last long and retreated to our room with chocolate and cold drinks.

 Day Three:

Day three was a big day as it was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Henry! We booked in advance the Gossip Girl tour which we decided we’d do on that day as we’re both (well mainly me) are fans of GG. After all we couldn’t visit Blair Waldorf’s stomping ground and not do a tour of the locations could we?

The tour took us to places such as the Palace hotel (where Serena lives) The school locations, the Met Steps (where I pretended I was Blair), The Empire Hotel where I searched for Chuck Bass and many more places. We also touched a door that Dan Humphrey had touched, we vowed to never wash again. But being the germophobe I am that lasted a whole of twenty minutes.

After seeing many GG locations and keeping my eyes peeled for the cast we were dropped off in the meat packing district and decided to go back to the hotel to freshen up and so my boyfriend could face time his parents. In the evening we decided we wanted to do the New York Lights tour which was part of the Gray Line bus tour package we purchased.

This was a night time tour and meant we could see NYC at night, we thought this would be a great way to spend a birthday evening! We were having a great evening, it was humid so it was nice to be sat on a open top bus cooling down and cooing at the city lights. Just as we got over the Manhattan bridge the heavens opened, quickly we adorned the plastic ponchos we’d been given and hoped it was just a quick rain shower. It wasn’t. It was more like a tropical storm. We were on a open top bus with rain pissing down so hard it was slapping you in the face, thunder rumbling and lightening striking.

Me and my boyfriend found it HILARIOUS. It was just the whole situation, sitting in a unflattering ten sizes too big plastic poncho and the rain hitting us in the face. My boyfriend said it was his favourite part of his birthday and we joined in with the people on the street laughing at a open top bus full of tourists in ponchos. After a while the laughter stopped and I was mightily glad to get off, but didn’t enjoy the walk back to the hotel in flip flops walking through flooded streets. I was still wearing my poncho at this point, my coolalblity was out the window. We went to the tik tok diner for a bite to eat to end the night and then went to dry off!

 Day Four:

Our last day in NYC arrived so quickly so we had a packed day fitting in all the bits we’d missed in the past three days. We went up the Empire State building and we got the express tickets which I’d totally recommend getting, yes they’re double the price but you save waiting in queues and probably save yourself about two hours! You also get to see people’s pissed off faces when you’re whizzing through the express lane! The view was of course amazing and it was incredible seeing New York from a birds eye view!

We then hit the shops, we headed to Madison Avenue and hit shops such as Tiffany’s ( I subtly pointed out which engagement rings I liked to my boyfriend for him to make notes for a few years time) Bloomingdale’s, that big toy shop that’s been in loads of films and much, much more. We then had a little walk and sunbathe in Central Park resting our weary feet. For our last supper we headed back to the pizza place! Then we spent the evening in Times Square sitting on the red steps watching the world go by and wondering what Orlando would have in store for us.

 Quick Recommendations: 

  • Book a hotel either near to Times Square or Central Park 
  • Visit New York Pizza Suprema for cheap but yummy pizza 
  • Don’t head to Times Square on a Saturday night unless you like feeling like a sardine 
  • Watch out for a crazy man pulling flowers out of a plant pot outside the post office 
  •  Keep your wits about you 
  •  Go on a sight seeing tour 
  •  Pack comfortable shoes 

 So there we go, NYC in a nutshell! We had a great time and would visit again as we felt we could of done with another day to sight see! Sadly we didn’t bump into Chuck Bass so there’s always hope for next time! I hope you enjoyed part one of my holiday and the next instalment will be up very soon 🙂