American Adventure: Part Two: Orlando


Okay here’s part two of my holiday posts! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my NYC post, it seemed you all enjoyed it so that’s good! I have such a bad case of the holiday blues and if I could I would be hopping back on a plane! The second day at work was a little bit better but I just wish the sun would come back out here, I’m sure that would cure my holiday blues. So Orlando was our next port of call and I didn’t know what to expect. In fact Orlando was the part I was least looking forward to but was probably my favourite place of all! We arrived there ready to spend a fun filled six days in the sun. However we landed to rain. We hastily retreated to our hotel room at The International Palms on International Drive (clean hotel but left in the 1970’s. Desperately needs an update but had the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in.) Once the rain had subsided we took a wander down International Drive which has everything you could ever need, endless places to eat, shops, bars etc. It was brilliant and it was all on your doorstep. We ate a variety of places including Checkers (really good burgers) Chili’s (our favourite meal out for the whole holiday! You must go and eat there) Cici’s Pizza (all you can eat pizza and pasta for $5.99 BARGAIN) McDonalds (well we had to didn’t we?) The other two nights we ate inside the parks.

So you go to Orlando for the theme parks and that we did. We bought the Universal Three Park ticket which was about £160 before we left the UK. This ticket meant we could get into Universal Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and Wet n Wild anytime we liked and unlimited for fourteen days. We thought this was quite a good deal when you expect to pay £60ish a day at somewhere like Alton Towers. We bought tickets for Disney world on the day which were $89 each.

Universal Islands of Adventure 


Top & Shorts: Topshop

Day One: We went to Islands of Adventure on our first day and had a really good time! We visited Harry Potter world and had a butter beer which was awesome. My boyfriend was in his element in the Marvel Superhero part as he got to meet his faves such as Captain America. We also enjoyed the other parts of the park and went on lots of rides! Our favourites were the Bilbo Barges in the Toon world, they were so much fun, also flight of the Hippogriff at Harry Potter world and my boyfriend loved the Dragon Challenge at Harry Potter, being the wimp I am, I skipped that ride! We got the express passes so we could skip the queues, but a little tip get them after 4pm as they go from $69 to $25! We held off till 4pm and then made the most of the rides!

Day Two: We decided to just have a chill day by the pool on our second day and top up the tans! The pool was relatively quiet which was good and then in the evening we went to an outlet mall where we shopped till we dropped! Check my last post on what I purchased!



Top: H&M

Shorts: Primark

Day Three: Right here we go, my favourite day of the whole holiday. Why? Because we visited Disney World. The place where dreams are made of. Before I wasn’t fussed about going to Disney World, I didn’t think it would be as magical now that I’m 21 and I don’t know, I didn’t know what to expect. However as soon as we got that ferry over to the Magic Kingdom it was like I was seven again. Let me just tell you you can never be too old for Disney World and it really is one of the best places in the whole wide world. I was overcome by how nice everything was and the whole atmosphere. The castle took my breath away and I found myself longing to live there. We of course met some characters, including my favourites the Disney Princess’s, I’m obsessed with anything Disney Princess so I loved meeting the likes of Belle and Cinderella. Belle told me we could be sisters and right there my life was made. We also met Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Winnie tried to give me a flower the sweetie and also Mickey and Minnie Mouse who were as lovely as you’d imagine. We had a truly amazing day, meeting characters, going on the rides, watching parades and soaking up the atmosphere. When night fell we watched the lights parade and then the fireworks over the castle. They did this thing where they projected the days photographs on the castle and among with the music and the atmosphere it made me cry! I think a little part of it was that I just didn’t want to leave! can you believe that, what a silly sod I am! The women next to me was looking at me very oddly but she obviously wasn’t as enticed by the magic. I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to go, to go. We can’t wait to go back and we’ve already said that when we have kids we’ll save up to take them as you just cannot beat it. Now though I want to go work there as a Princess, sod this blogging lark, I want to be Belle!

Day Four: We went to Wet n Wild on day four, which don’t worry I hadn’t started taking fifty shades of gray literally, W&W is a water park! It was across from our hotel and I have to say we were a little disappointed. There wasn’t half as many rides as we thought there would be and it was soooooo busy! We got the express pass for $24 which meant it was shorter queues which was good! The rides that were there were good, my boyfriend even got me on some of the scary ones! He did have to endure me screaming my head off though!!  In the evening we went to an all you can eat pizza place (my idea of heaven) and then go karting which was pretty funny. I have to say I’m quite the cautious driver and I kept being over taken!

Universal Studios:


Top: H&M

Shorts: Primark

Day Five: We went to Universal Studios on the Sunday and were quite surprised how small it was, we were done in a couple of hours! We loved the Simpsons ride and loved walking round the themed streets, it was like being back in New York again! We then hopped across to Islands of Adventure again and went on some of our favourite rides, had another walk round after being defeated by a busy few days of walking round parks!


  • Stay on International Drive as it has everything you’d ever need! 
  • Go eat at Chili’s it’s amazing! 
  • Get your park tickets before you go, it will save you spending out there!
  • Hit up the outlet malls nearby, you’ll get some bargains! 
  • Keep your wits about you again. 
  • Go to Disney world… it is amazing!! 
  • Get your Disney merchandise from the shops at International Drive, so much cheaper! 
  • See if your hotel does shuttle buses to the parks, ours did a free one to Universal and a $7 to Disney
  • Watch out for lizards 
  • Have Fun! 

The next day we headed to Miami full of memories and excited about returning to Orlando one day! So there’s part two, next is Miami! But we’ll leave that for another day! Hope you’ve all had a brilliant Tuesday 🙂