I want skin like Millie Macktintosh! Manuka Doctor Blemish Cream Review

You should all know by now how I have bad and good phases
with my skin. Right now is a particularly bad skin phase which had me reaching
for a quick fix blemish cream. As I haven’t had a bad phase in a while I
realised that all my quick spot fixes were either run out (sob Origins Super
Spot Remover) or I’d left in my flat (Dr.Nick Lowe’s Spot Gel) so I made a
quick dash into town and suddenly remembered about a blemish cream from bee
venom skincare company Manuka Doctor which was supposed to be pretty sublime. You
all know my favourite Millie Mackintosh who’s skin I’d love to have, featured
this on her blog and said that it helped whenever she had a blemish (though I
struggle to believe that the flawless Millie ever gets a blemish.) However
seeing it on her blog, here’s the link if you haven’t read it, was good enough
for me, she’s one of those that could recommend wearing a bin bag and I’d be
all on it like a car bonnet. Holland and Barrett is where you can get Manuka
Doctor and luckily I grabbed the last blemish cream on the shelf, there were
obviously a lot of other Millie Mac fans in town that week! They also had an
offer on for 2 for £8.50 and when it’s priced alone at £5.99 it’s quite a good
deal, I also picked up the Tea Tree Antiseptic gel from Manuka Doctor as it’s
good for bites and irritations on your face/body and my boyfriend had a bite on
his leg, so hey presto. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Now the past week my skin has had a wobbly, a temper tantrum
that Suri Cruise would be proud of as it has thrown three of the biggest spots
you can imagine all on my face at the same time. We had the growth on the side
of my forehead, the boil on my cheek and the cyst on my chin. All I have to say
is thank god my boyfriend was down south or he may have been repulsed by the
sight of me and replaced my I pad engraving from ‘To  my real life Blair Waldorf’ to ‘you’re my
real life Quasi Modo.’ This meant the Manuka doctor had its work cut out, and
had a real testing! Here’s how it got on, this unfortunately isn’t a quick fix.
It isn’t like Origins super spot remover that will make your spot/s look a lot
smaller, calmer overnight, this is more of a gradual fixer. Over the past few
days, everyday I’ve woke up and the spots have been smaller/calmer, but it’s
happened over a few days. I’ve also taken to mixing the antiseptic gel with the
blemish cream as its tea tree which is brilliant for spots. This has also
helped keep the area clean and stopping the blemishes getting worse or
spreading. Over all it’s a good little blemish cream that I will continue to
use but I may have to repurchase Origins Super Spot remover for emergencies, at
£5.99 this is a good cream to help keep blemishes at bay and help them
gradually disappear which is what I want normally when my skin isn’t throwing a
complete diva strop. I’ll keep going with it and see how I get on. After all if
it’s good enough for Millie Mackintosh it’s good enough for me!

 So let me know what are your favourite quick fixes for
spots? Let me know! I’m hoping that as I’m in America right now a little bit of skin is helping my skin out! I hope you’re all having a great week 🙂