What Did I Buy From America?: USA Haul Video


Well I hope you’ve all had a good Monday, though can Monday’s ever be described as good? Today I started back at work and I have to say the first day back at work after a holiday is always the worst. I spent most of the day battling my holiday blues and wanting to start planning to go back to Orlando! Talking of my holiday, I did a fair bit of shopping whilst I was out there. I mean it’d be rude not to after all I was in America! I decided to treat myself and to be honest I was quite restrained, I could of spent a lot, lot more. Here’s my most recent Youtube video, apologies if you’ve already watched it, but thought I’d pop it on here too with some added photos. Ooh la la, I spoil you guys.

Apologies for the pocture, I tried to do one of those picture that popular Youtubers do.. However I think I need more practice. Thought I’d put one of the silly ones up! 

So of course my priority shopping wise was to hit Sephora, a shop which is dedicated to make up. It’s a heaven of us beauty enthusiasts, I walked in feeling like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I didn’t know where to start or what to swatch first. I bought a few things including a Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy which is my new blusher love, a new head for my Clairsonic which I can report is very soft! Some amazing pink eyelash curlers and Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I also checked out some drugstores including Ulta where I got some Real Techniques brushes for a much cheaper price than they retail for in the UK, a Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation and a Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral, something I’m not quite sure about yet. Also make up wise, I found a CCO in an outlet mall in Orlando, here I picked up my beloved Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation for just £12 ( I almost hyperventilated) and Orgins Super Spot remover for just £6. Kicking myself for not buying back ups, but glad I found some favourites at rock bottom prices!

Victoria’s Secret was also a shop I was excited about visiting, I’m not a 100% sure if the one in London has opened yet but when it does I’m sure I will be visiting! I fell in love with many things such as bras, PINK hoodies and bikinis but restrained myself. I did however buy some lace pants which I love and a Perfect Lipstick in the shade Heartbeat which is a lovely peachy shade. I also found a Yankee Candle shop in Orlando and bought some room spray’s, I got the Vanilla Cupcake scent which is my favourite.

Clothes wise I didn’t buy too much, just a cute peter pan collar denim shirt from American Apparel and some studded Steve Madden sandals. I also got a nifty Ipad case which has a keyboard in so I can blog from my Ipad. I struggle a little with the touch screen and unusual word combinations are always made.

So there we go, my USA Haul. I could of got more but didn’t, so I’m going to have a little shopping spree with the money I have left over! I hope you’ve all had a good Monday and enjoy this video! I’ll be back soon with the next instalment of my holiday posts!