A Night At The Cinema: Outfit


No you don’t need to adjust your screens, I am indeed wearing jeans. Shock horror! Last night saw me and my boyfriend finally get round to seeing The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema. My boyfriend being a massive superhero fan was very excited, me not as much. I decided to wrap up warm as cinema’s can sometimes be cold and last night there was a chill in the air that felt more like October than August. I decided to throw on some jeans from Topshop, my new floaty asymmetric top from Missguided which I’m a little in love with. It’s got two straps at the top that I think shows my tan off really well and then is flowy and longer at the back. Old dopey dora here forget to get a picture of the back, so hopefully I’ll get one when I wear this again. It looks good with jeans, shorts and I can tuck it in too! I really like it though and I’m tempted to get the black version too! I then threw on my New Look aztec Cardigan or poncho as my boyfriend called it, this isn’t pictured but it is on my instagram (dizzybrunette3 if you’re not following already 🙂 )

Top: Missguided

Jeans: Topshop

Sandals: Steve Madden

The film itself was pretty good, I really enjoyed it and came out thinking I wished I was Catwoman and that I’d never look at Tom Hardy in the same way again. Bane was a terrifying villian! My Mum went to see it last week and kept going on about Christian Bale’s luscious lips so needless to say I spent most of the film checking out his lips! He looked like he needed some carmex in the one scene though! We had a good night, gobbled some popcorn and left with even stronger pangs for New York due to the film being set there, well I say set, it’s supposed to be Gotham but everyone knows it’s NYC! So I hope you’ve all had a great day, today was the first of my two days off and it’s been lovely! Word on the street is it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow so I’m most looking forward to spending the day in the sun! Also my laptop has died again, bloody brilliant eh? I’ll try to keep up blogging on my Ipad and my boyfriend’s laptop even though it goes at snail pace! Technology can be mightily annoying at times!! I hope you all have a lovely evening and enjoy the sun if we get some tomorrow 🙂