Annnnd Relax: Neom Harmonise Candle Review


Something you may not know about me is that I love candles. After a long day at work there’s nothing more I love than coming home, lighting a candle and snuggling down to watch some trash TV with some chocolate (Corrie your hips called, they said enough.) I always like to have a candle on each night and buying a new one is always an exciting time, I know how sad that makes me sound but I always like to try new scents out! I’ve tried lots and lots of different candle brands from Primark’s own to Ikea’s which I’d totally recommend if you’re on a budget to cult classic Yankee Candles. One brand I have never tried well until now is Neom candles. I’ve seen so much about the luxury brand on many other blogs but just never got round to trying them.

However I was recently sent Neom’s newest scent Harmonise* to try. The scent is made with pine, cedar wood and eucalyptus. There’s also green hibiscus notes combined with deep wood undertones. Basically this candle makes you think you’re in a forest or at Centre Parcs. Now Neom have little names for their candles so think Harmonise, Restore, Inspiration and many more. The names link to what the candles help to do, so the Harmonise candle is to help you focus (shame I didn’t have this when I was writing my dissertation!) and restoration. Now having never tried Neom candles I was really impressed with how luxurious the candles were!

Neom Harmonise Candle*

The candle itself is massive and is so strongly scented. As soon as I started to open the packaging I got a whiff of the scent. I bet even the postman got a whiff of it! The candle has been hand poured in the UK and has a special blend of 100% natural waxes and essential oils. Now onto the actual scent, let me just start with the fact that usually I buy candles that have the names such as Yummy Cupcake, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Pudding, Vanilla Frosting.. You getting my drift? With this in mind, Harmonise unfortunately isn’t the right scent for me. It’s very strong and quite mentholy, I imagine this would be a great candle to burn when you have a cold. It’s exactly how it’s described very woody but not for me. I wish I could love it but I guess my nose is fine tuned to the scents of baking. Of course scents are an extremely personal preference, I’ve seen people review this candle and love it. I do have to say that Neom seems like a great candle brand, they’re so strongly scented and burn really nicely. My boyfriend knew as soon as he stepped in the flat I’d been burning Harmonise! I’ve been having a little look on line and I think I might have to try Serenity next! It does have my favourite vanilla in!

So although Neom Harmonise wasn’t for me I’m impressed with Neom’s candles. I might have to give this one to my Mum. Have you tried Neom before? They are a little pricey at £39.50 for a full size candle or £15.00 for a travel one but they make a truly lovely present. I hope you’ve all had a good day, I had one of those days when everyone annoyed me. Does anyone else have those days? However I feel better after coming home, eating some chocolate and watching a programme on Busted on the music channels. I’m still tempted to start a petition for them to reform! Who else is in? Have a lovely evening, I will most definitely be lighting a candle tonight 🙂

*PR Sample