Blog Sale: Topshop & Primark


Sorry to post again in one day, but I had a little brainwave. I’ve had a clear out of my clothes lately and have been very ruthless, I’ve found some un loved gems in my wardrobe that I just never wear so thought it was time they got sent to a good home rather than waiting for the day when it’s their turn to be worn. I’ve also become a bit of a shopaholic lately so to be honest, I’m running out of wardrobe space and money. I was going to pop these up on Ebay, but I always find Ebay such a faff. I hate the whole listing process and then people not paying straight away and all that jazz. Therefore I am doing a little blog sale, of course none of you may be interested and if you’re not then that’s cool and this lot will go up on Ebay. However I thought this was worth a try first. Some basic information before I get going, all these items have been bought with my OWN money and are in good condition. Yes they’re all a little creased but they’ve been sitting unloved after all!

Basic Information:

Payment to be through paypal please 🙂 if there’s something you’d like, leave a comment below with your email address and I’ll email you with my paypal address. If you could pay using the gift option that would be brill, that way we pass the annoying fee that Paypal take. The cheeky beggars. 

Postage will be £2.70 for each item, which is the basic first class postage rate. I’ll get them posted on Tuesday first class so they’d be with you by Wednesday/Thursday. 

All the items come from a smoke and animal free home. 

The prices are guide prices, if you’d like to make me an offer on something then please email me on 

Okay.. let’s get going. 

Topshop Navy Blazer

Size: 6 (I’m an 8 and it fits me fine) 

Price: £25.00 (was £54 full price, in very, very good condition)

This beautiful blazer is about three years old but has been worn about twice. I love it so much but always find it’s too formal for me to wear in the daytime, I can’t pull it off. I’ll be sad to see it go but this blazer deserves a loving home. 

Primark Floral Tea Dress with Bow Back

Size: 8 

Price: £5.00 SOLD

This pretty tea dress is again something I love but always forget I have. It has a floral design and bow back which is great for showing a tanned back! Been worn about two times so again in great condition. 

Topshop Floral Collared Dress

Size: 8 (Petite) 

Price: £20.00 (Full price was £38.00)

I am literally so sad to sell this, but I just never wear it. It’s so pretty with it’s dainty floral print and collar, but it can’t just sit in my wardrobe. I bought this last year and it has been worn once since. In amazing condition and comes with a belt. 

Topshop Jamie Skinny Jeans 

Size 8 (W26 L28 Petite) 

Price: £10.00 Sold 

These I bought a Little while ago and haven’t really worn them since. I prefer the Leigh jeans on myself, these are a dark denim and are a petite size 8. They have been worn a handful of times but are still in good condition. 

Primark Berry Jeans 

Size 8 (Leg 34) 

Price: £5.00 

I bought these last year and fell in love with the colour of them. However being 5ft2 the regular 34″ leg is just too long for me which is a real shame! These have been worn once or maybe twice! A little bit creased and could probably do with going through the wash but in great condition otherwise. 

Okay there we go, my mini blog clothes sale. If no ones interested within the week, I’ll take it down and Ebay these items instead. Remember if you’re not sure about the price, I’ve literally just gone on what I think these items are worth then make me an offer instead! Like obviously a sensible offer though 😉 if you have any questions at all then tweet me at @dizzybrunette3 or email me on and I’ll help out any way I can. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!