Lovestruck With a Dress: Outfit


Today was the first of my two days off, whoop whoop. If you’re a student then please take advantage of having summer holidays, as soon as you enter the world of work you realise how you took those weeks of doing nothing for granted! With part one of my days off, I decided to pop to town as I needed to go get my laptop and some other odds and ends. The weather is being a right temperamental thing and can’t make it’s mind up, one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s not. It’s very confusing when deciding what to wear, especially when you’re as indecisive as me, hey choosing what colour to paint my nails is the hardest decision of my week. I decided that this cute dress from Lovestruck was the perfect attire for funny weather. Cool enough for when the sun blazed down and not too short that the residents of Jeremy Kyle who seem to always be in town give you evils for daring to wear something other than uggs.

Dress: Lovestruck*

Belt: New Look

Really Uncomfortable Shoes: River Island 

Lovestruck is an online clothing brand which was set up in 2009. They mix vintage style with a playful twist and have some really lovely items. I have the Maggie Oval dress* which is a new favourite in my wardrobe. I’m not usually a dress kinda girl, you’re more likely to find me in shorts or a play suit due to a fear of the wind blowing up my skirt and me showing my pants to everyone. Maybe I had an embarrassing incident in a previous life or something. Anyway this dress is a little gem, it’s very me (and Flack) with it’s collar and has cute polka dots with flowers inside. The buttons even have little bows on, it’s just one of those cute dresses. I really love the fit of it, it has an elasticated waistband which wasn’t great when I was full of Nando’s but this means I could alter the length slightly. Being 5ft 2 this full length was a little too long for my liking but I rolled it underneath the waistband and popped a tan belt over the top to match my Zara shopper bag. I also find the sleeves flattering as it’s not quite sleeveless but not quite sleeves, it manages to flatter my joints of gammon arms. All in all I really love this dress and feel all girly and Blair Waldorf like when I wear it.

Top Left to Bottom Right:

Cute Detailing

Throwing my Lavish Alice Denim Shirt* over the top

The Zara Shopper begged me for a picture the attention seeker

Cute and very Flack Collar 

So I hope you’ve all had a good day, my neck is back to normal, thankfully no more acting like a meerkat for me and big congratulations if you picked up GCSE results today! My sister got hers and her results clearly demonstrate she got all the brains, she’s definitely not a dizzybrunette like her sister!

*PR Sample