My Thoughts on Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser.


I think I have a new love. It’s a tinted moisturiser and it’s by Laura Mercier. Yes that’s right who’d of ever though a previous double wear girl could ever love a tinted moisturiser? I didn’t until now. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturisers have done the rounds on beauty blogs and youtube, I’ve seen so many raving reviews and always vowed to buy a tube one day but when the price tag is 33.00 from John Lewis, I thought ‘hmm maybe I’ll leave it.’ Then when I was in Sephora in Miami, I went a little wild and picked up a bottle, I think I got it for about a fiver cheaper but I didn’t really care. I think the sun had gone to my head. Fast forward almost a month later, I’ve been using this little dream every day and well I bloody love it and wish I’d bit that 33.00 bullet earlier.

Now don’t get me wrong that is a lot for a foundation, but you get 50 mlwhich is a 20ml more than regular foundation. But there’s something about this foundation that makes it feel it’s worth the money. Now the reason why I love this tinted moisturiser so much is the fact that it looks so natural! I never, ever thought I would be a lover of natural make up but these days I really am. In fact I can’t stand heavy foundation and I’m not sure if I will ever wear it again. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser comes in a few different combinations, I opted for the oil free one and my shade is Fawn if any one is wondering. Now having especially oily skin at the moment, I must say that even though this is oil free and helps oily skin, you still will get shiny as the day goes on. Personally I don’t mind this look as I like the whole dewy look, but if you’re a matte girl then it might be wise that you also invest in a good primer and carry powder round with you. You don’t look so oily that your face looks like it’s melting off but I do always get a bit shiny around my tzone. However this may change as the months get colder, right now with the warmer weather my skin is soooo oily, where as in the winter it’s not as bad. I have however decided I need to get a proper primer and I am thinking of looking at the Laura Mercier ones once I get paid. Any recommendations would be welcome.

Me wearing Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser. 

The coverage is lowmedium and if you have pretty alright skin, you may not even need concealer. I had a week of clear skin and I needed the tiniest bit of concealer, though this is a tinted moisturiser you can still get a little coverage if you apply with a brush, I use the Real Techniques buffing brush to apply mine. To get the real natural look you could just apply with your fingers. The shade Fawn is a little too dark for me at the moment as I need to get some colour on my face again, but I’ve found that this tinted moisturiser almost adapts to your skin tone and makes it look really natural and tanned. I find that it takes a little while to settle onto your skin but when it does, your face just looks really natural and radiant. It’s like your skin but better. The longevity is quite good, although you can get shiny after a couple of hours, I’ve found that this never wears off, you don’t get it sliding off your face which is good for me as at the moment we’ve got no air conditioning at work so working in the heat has been a horrible sweaty mess. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser also feels really light on your skin, of course by the end of a long hot day at work I am itching to take all my make up off, but I don’t think that’s anything to with the foundation specifically. It also has an SPF of 20 so this won’t be a night time foundation for me, but it’s perfect for the day. You need the tiniest amount too, so hopefully this tube will last me a long time. I have to say I never thought I’d be a tinted moisturiser fan but I am. I know that this one is pricey but it’s a really lovely foundation unfortunately there’s not that many drugstore tinted moisturisers that I’ve tried that have lived up to this one, however I do have a similar drugstore foundation review coming up soon so look out for that if the Laura Mercier price tag has you wincing. All in all, if you’re debating getting this, then go get a sample or if you’ve tried it and loved it then get it. It’s a new must have for me and I guess I now have an expensive foundation addiction on my hands.. or should I say face.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday, my neck is feeling a bit better today so back to work for me, hurrah. Not. However come six pm I will be dancing home as I have Thursday and Friday off! Whoop, whoop, first days off in eight days and I can’t wait! Hope you all have a great day 🙂