One Step Closer: Aesthetic Magazine


When I was little, I had many career aspirations, from being a check out lady at Tesco to being a pop star, which was dashed when I realised I couldn’t sing. But one dream that stayed with me for most of my life is to be a writer, I’ve always had a love of writing and I remember from the ages of 10 to 13, writing my own magazines, short stories and songs. Yes I wasn’t giving up on that pop star dream without a fight. My love of English took me through school and then even into college. Though the English Language A-Level which I studied was a lot harder than I was expecting, not the story writing class I had hoped for. More semantics and language frameworks. Yawn. I then went onto university to study media, my intentions still being to be a journalist or a writer. Throughout the three years, I changed and grew up a lot and found that my goals changed from wanting to work in Marketing, to PR and then to Social Media. Though I’d still love a job in Social Media, I’m back to my ten year old dream, to be a writer. Specifically a beauty writer.

If I had my way (and an endless amount of money) I would uproot to Chelsea, London and go work for a magazine to write about make up, I’d also be a Disney Princess in the evening (come on, it’s a dream!) However I’m not keen on moving to London any time soon and whilst I work out what I want to do with my life, I have a job which keeps me going and well gets my bills paid. However the lovely Michelle has helped me get that little step closer to my dream today when Aesthetic magazine popped through my letterbox. Michelle went to the same university as me and we met each other at a variety of blogging events. I had seen the magazine that she had created for one of her final projects and loved reading it online. It was fresh, current and just refreshing. Sadly my love of blog reading (and the Mail Online) has killed my desire for magazines, because well I already know the latest gossip and trends and I just want to see my fave fashion bloggers in there. Michelle has created a magazine that includes all that and well I think it’s a bit genius. And no I’m not just saying that because I’m in it 😉

This is me with the magazine being an idiot!

Michelle kindly asked if I’d like to be a Beauty Writer in the magazine and well I almost bit her hand off! That was a few months ago and well it never sunk in that I’d have my own article in the print, but with it here in front of me, I feel quite proud of myself (which is something I rarely ever say) and I’m letting myself eat some chocolate chips without feeling guilty as a reward. My first article is about my make up icon and someone who has helped turn my make up from very over done to a lot more natural. It is of course Millie Mackintosh who you should all know by now that I love. Yes I still have an obsession with her and I think I’d possibly wet my pants if I ever met her (way to bring the tone down Corrie) I’ve wrote about some of her favourite beauty products and why I love her so much. I manage a few more words than ‘I just do.’

So a big thank you to Michelle and Phillipa for producing such a great magazine, I have such high hopes for Aesthetic and I really hope it gets noticed soon. It’s about time us bloggers had a voice. For more information on Aesthetic, whether you’d like to order an copy (be quick as they’re going fast) or to offer your services for the next issue, you can find it all on their blog here. Aesthetic is full of other lovely bloggers, sharing their thoughts and insightful articles. I’m sure you’ll love it, I’m going to go back to re read it and indulge in a few more chocolate chips.