Say You’ll Be There: Today’s Outfit


It’s Spice Girls day, whooo. I was and well still am a major Spice Girls fan, I remember growing up with the likes of Baby and Scary Spice and owning a union jack dress and thinking I was the bee’s knees. So now at the age of twenty one, I’m excited to watch the girls reunite for the Olympics closing ceremony this evening! Moving on from girl power, today saw a rare day off for both myself and my boyfriend. We popped to town to go get some bits and go to Nando’s for lunch which was very yummy. The weather wasn’t as warm as it has been for the past few days, but it was still warm enough for shorts, though in my books it’s never too cold for shorts! I did throw on my newest blazer to my collection. A little Primark number that could easily pass for Topshop. This little beauty is a mink/nude colour and was just £15. I picked it up and basically ran to the till, it was one of those ‘I can’t believe you’re from Primark moments.’

Blazer: Primark

Top: H&M
Shorts: River Island 

Sandals: Steve Madden

Blazers are a love of mine and I genuinely think that I won’t be happy until I have every colour of one! Ha maybe I’d need a bigger wardrobe before that happens though, I am getting there though! I also wore my trusty River Island shorts and just a plain old white vest top. I really honestly think you can beat a white/black tshirt with shorts. As boring as it may be it just looks so classic and goes with so many things. When I was younger, I was print, print, print, now I’m about key pieces that can be all worn with different things (you can tell I’m getting older eh?) I’m so tempted to like Ebay most of my wardrobe and just start again. It’s been a really nice day off and I’m counting down till 9pm this evening! 

Bracelets: H&M and Thomas Sabo 

Bag: Zara 

I hope you’ve all had a great Sunday, oh my laptop has been fixed so hopefully it will stay that way! Apparently I had too much memory on here so it was full.. whoops! It’s been sorted now though so normal blogging and videos can resume! Whoop. Have a lovely evening and if you’re a Spice Girls fan too, I hope that you’ll be dancing round your living room.