Stud Me Up: Primark Haulin’


I don’t know about you but I go through phases with Primark. Sometimes I’ll go in there and think ‘everything in here is a load of tosh.’ But then other times like right now I will go in and find about 100 things that I like and have to restrain myself from buying an abundance of items! I always get this way with Primark releases their Autumn gear. Even though I’m a summer baby, by the time of late August I’m loving the darker colours and planning layering outfits. However as soon as there’s a nip in the air, I’m like ‘right bring back summer!’ I popped into Primark this morning after running some errands in town, mainly to take my laptop to go get fixed again as it’s died.. again! Hence the lack of blog posts in the past few days, anyway I think from heaving my heavy laptop into town I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my neck. This meant that I was fine one minute in Primark and then the next my neck just wouldn’t move! I’d picked everything I wanted so quickly paid and then hurried home with my head in a meerkat position. It’s feeling a little better now, fingers crossed I can get back to work tomorrow and will no longer look like Alexander from  Compare the Meerkat.

I thought I’d show you what I bought today whilst I’m resting my neck as I picked up some right goodies, that might not last long in stores! First of all my blazer obsession wore me down again and I picked up yet another Primark blazer. This navy one is similar to the one I bought in mink last week and it’s so easy to wear with so many things! I do own a navy blazer already but I never wear it so it will be getting ebayed, so this one was a replacement blazer. I must be getting close to my rainbow of blazers soon. I also picked up some jeans which is a first for me from Primark. I was at work the other day and asked a girl where her jeans from, fully expecting a reply of ‘topshop’ she told me they were from Primark. I wanted some new jeans but couldn’t justify spending 38.00 on a pair of Topshop’s Leigh jeans even though they are my favourites. Primark have started doing basically identical pairs to the Leigh jeans, they’re just as soft, come in four colours, mid denim, dark denim, black and grey and even have short/tall sizes. Whooo. Although the short range is a 30″ leg it is a little too long for me still, I think Topshop petitie jeans are 28″ but they’re not noticeably long. They are an absolute bargain at 11.00 a pair. I will definitley be stocking up. They’re called Ultra Soft Super Skinny jeans, so look out for them if you’re a Leigh jeans fan too.

Finally onto my favourite two items, the studded items. I am loving studs at the moment and I have to stop myself from studding everything I own. I spotted this beauty of a clutch for just 6.00! What a bargain, I may never use it but I just couldn’t leave it there. I also nabbed one of the last pairs of these studded ballet pumps, I’ve wanted some studded ones for ages but hadn’t seen any I liked. However these are just right, they have a mixture of like gems and then tiny studs so they’re still girly enough for someone like me. They fit lovely and again will go with so many things. At just 12.00 again a right steal and I can’t wait to wear them. So there we go my little Primark haul, I never really do posts like this so thought I’d change it up. Or maybe the Tiger Balm has gone to my head aswell as my neck! I hope you’ve all had a great day, fingers crossed my neck and laptop will be fixed tomorrow! 🙂