Studs & Snuggles: Lavish Alice Studded Jumper Outfit


So it seems a little weird that today I’m posting about a jumper when in fact I’m currently spending my bank holiday sunbathing. However the past few days have been quite autumn like so I’ve been turning to jumpers and cardigans to keep warm. As much as I am a summer girl, I do get a little giddy when I start to see the A/W collections come into shops, I love the rich autumnal colours such as berry and khaki and I am loving the stud trend. In fact I am having to stop myself from ordering some studs as I fear I may end up studding everything I own, my boyfriend may not even get away Scot free. However, this new Lavish Alice jumper is going to become a firm favourite in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, I’m sure. I do love a good old snuggly jumper or cardigan and every year I purchase a new one, you know as a treat to snuggle up in on blustery evenings. This jumper is perfect for snuggling, it’s really fluffy inside like a teddy bear and is nice and thick so keeps you lovely and warm.

Jumper: Lavish Alice*

Shorts: Primark

The khaki colour is really rich and will look great brightening up a outfit of just jeans or black shorts which is how I’m currently wearing it whilst the weather is still warm-ish. The studs are gold which work really well with the green, but they are a little sharp so a word of warning. I wore this last night as it was quite cold here and my boyfriend always like to snuggle into me as we watch the telly, however he kept forgetting I was wearing a studded jumper and he was like ‘OW, I just studded my face!’ In the end I took it off to keep him quiet, so whilst this is a great jumper for snuggling in, it might not be the best one to wear if you’re planning a cosy night in with the boy. I almost wish I was still at uni as this jumper would provide the perfect thing to cosy up in sleepy 9am lectures. So there’s my new favourite jumper, also a little heads up, Lavish Alice have a 15% discount at the moment when you enter WILD15 at the checkout. So you too can get all snuggly but with some added discount. Win, win.

Lavish Alice Studded Jumper*

So I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, today is my only day off for it, so it’s fair to say I’m making the most of it by doing nothing! I may ebay some things later, I’ll pop a link up on my twitter if I do though as there may be some unloved Topshop gems due to get put up. Have a lovely day, and I hope it’s sunny where you are.

*PR Sample