You’ve got a friend in me: Outfit featuring Lavish Alice


So today I did something that I swore I would never do. I wore double denim. I know, I know, did I wake up thinking I was Shakin Stevens? Did the Spice Girls mess with my head on Sunday night and I thought I was a member B*witched? The answer is no. I don’t know what came over me but I have to say that I kinda like the look. Don’t worry this is as far as the double denim will be going! I recently got this Lavish Alice denim shirt* sent to me and I was like ‘right how can I style you?’ I’ve never owned a denim shirt and now I have two! Today was the first day I wore one and with the weather being sunny one minute and grey the next it provided the perfect throw on. By this I mean, I just threw it on over my outfit as it was nice and light. I was going to wear black shorts today but I felt they were a bit too short for just going to town when it wasn’t overly sunny. I thought that I could get away with my River Island shorts as they were a different shade of denim and well the shirt isn’t actually denim so y’know.

Denim Shirt: Lavish Alice*

Top: H&M

Shorts: River Island 

Sandals: Steve Madden 


Denim Shirt: Lavish Alice*

Shorts: Primark


Denim Shirt: Lavish Alice*

Skirt: Topshop 

It was a bit odd at first getting used to the look, I feel a mixture of Woody from Toy Story (hence the post title) or Caggie from Made in Chelsea as I know she loves a good over sized denim shirt. I have to say I like this look though and have styled it in a couple of other ways that I’m sure I’ll wear over the next few weeks/months. The shirt also has collar tips which are western style (adds to the Woody effect) which I think is a nice little touch! Lavish Alice really have some nice stuff at the moment and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already! Have you got any denim shirts? How do you style them? There’s so many out there on the high street, the choices are endless!

I hope you’ve all had a good day, today was my last day off for eight days (sob sob) so I’ve been savouring every last minute! However back to work tomorrow, hope you’ve all had a great day 🙂

*PR Sample