Hello Autumn: French Connection Outfit


As much as I love summer, I have been quite enjoying the opening arms that Autumn has been gracing us with lately. There’s a chill in the air, the nights are drawing in and I’m digging out all my autumnal coloured items in my wardrobe. Shades such as berry, khaki and navy are everywhere right now and I’m replacing my pastels with colours such as these! Today’s outfit is very autumnal and even consists of two colours together, something that usually I don’t do. I try to play it quite safe with my clothes but every now and then it’s good to mix it up and this beautiful peter pan collar top from French Connection could be paired with a bin bag and still look good! French Connection is a shop I tend to forget about when I’m shopping, for the past few years, I’ve just not been inspired by their clothes but the new A/W collection is something else. I now tend to visit whenever I’m in town and literally coo at all the beautiful clothes. French Connection has got very smart and if I had a job where I had to where proper work attire, my wardrobe would be from there. Think fitted shirts, blazers, skater dresses and the addition of a collar here and there, I’m in seventh heaven. Those FCUK tshirt days are long gone.

Top: French Connection*

Jeans: New Look

Shoes: Primark

Of course French Connection is a little pricier than other shops on the high street but the quality just seems so much higher, this lace top is so soft I actually want to rub my face on it. Don’t worry though, I won’t. There’s a few things I’ve got my eye on in French Connection at the mo, including a beautiful leather jacket that I will be ebaying some clothes in order to make some money to buy it with. Your bank balance will definitely weep when you swoon over the beautiful clothes. This Vanity Lace Collar Top* is right up my street, lace and a collar.. You’re onto a winner. Like I mentioned the lace is oh so soft and it definitely reminds me of something that one of my style icons Caroline Flack would wear. On the less expensive side of the high street, is my new berry jeans from New Look. They’re super soft and even fit my short legs which is pretty impressive. I fell in love with the colour and thought they’d look perfect over Autumn and Winter and are a little more exciting than just my usual jeans. I’ve paired the two items together to create an Autumn hue, my boyfriend told me I looked like a boy. I told him to bugger off. These men just don’t understand fashion at all do they?

So I hope you have a great Monday, it seems the sun is trying to peek it’s head out so maybe Autumn isn’t here quite yet. I have this morning off which is nice but I feel a sore throat coming on which isn’t surprising considering how much of a shock I had last week when I worked 9/10 hours each day. I feel like it’s teasing me saying ‘ I might strike.. or I might not.’ It’s like Jaws but in the form of a sore throat. Odd. Have a lovely day you lot 🙂

*PR Samples