Hi Autumn: Outfit


Just a quick outfit post from me today as I am working later on, so I’m aiming to have a cheeky nap before getting ready for work! Autumn has well and truly arrived, as much as I’m a little bit sad I’m also excited about the prospect of layering. I seem to have traded my trusty black shorts for my black jeans. However this ASOS pair are a real pain in the arse to wear so I picked up some of the Topshop Leigh dupes in Primark today, cannot recommend those jeans enough, so cheap and so good! I popped to town earlier with my boyfriend to get a few bits and bobs. Today was payday, so I was all ready to go crazy. However I always seem to be quite sensible when I shop with my boyfriend so I didn’t even buy that much. However I did get a few goodies in Superdrug and may of just ordered another pair of Millie Mackintosh lashes. Whoops. We also went to get some quotes for a holiday next year, we’re thinking of going back to Florida to do Disney properly. But we can’t decide whether to splash out and stay at a Disney hotel or just go back to International Drive. If anyone has any recommendations, I’d be very grateful to hear them!

Top: Primark

Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: ASOS
Boots: Missguided 

Because it was all rainy and dull, I went for a pretty dull outfit. Black jeans, white blouse from Primark, my trusty leather jacket and my new Missguided boots. The boots were pretty comfy but will need wearing in. However I’m sure this won’t take long and then they’ll be feeling like slippers, definitely a good buy if you’re after some studded ankle boots. This top is still in Primark by the way, I saw it today even though I bought this back in June! I remember I haven’t worn this top since I was in NYC. I was hoping I’d put it on and be transported back to the top of the Empire State Building.. well actually maybe not there. After all I don’t like heights and I spent the majority of my time thinking ‘don’t look down.’ But hey you have to do these things right? Anyways I realise I am waffling now, so maybe it’s time I go take that nap! Have a lovely Friday night and I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting about some beauty bits and bobs over the weekend. 🙂