Morrocan Oil Dupe: Aldi Miracle Hair Oil


I do love a good bargain and my heart always gets a little giddy when I find a dupe of an expensive product. It’s like a fist in the air moment. Now the beauty blogsphere has gone crazy for hair oils, myself included. Long gone are the days of hair serums, it’s all about the oils. I find that they really help make my hair frizz free, shiny and soft, they’re a huge part of my hair care routine and I love trying new ones. So far my favourite ever one is the L’oreal Mythic Oil, but I may have a new fave to add to the collection… the best bit it’s also pretty damn cheap. Aldi’s yes you read that right, Aldi have a pretty good dupe of Moroccan Oil, it’s called Miracle Oil and it’s £3.99. From the packaging you will see that this is a dupe for Moroccan Oil, however Aldi’s version is Argan Oil and helps to strengthen, smoothen and seals in shine.

Aldi Miracle Hair Oil*

You use it as you would with any other hair oil, apply to damp hair, I tend to put a 50p size amount on my hair as it is pretty long. The bottle is a bit of a pain to get the product out though so I tend to have to give it a good dollop to get a lot of product out. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky in your hair. The Miracle hair oil doesn’t really have a scent so there’s a difference to other hair oils there, but it does just as good a job. I always find that when I use this my hair is shiny and soft and looks just the same as when I use more expensive hair oils. You can also use it as other treatments for your, for example you can do an intensive hair treatment by applying on dry hair and then washing off in the morning. You can also add a tiny bit along dry hair to eliminate any frizz or dry ends you may have.

I’ve been using this hair oil for a couple of weeks now and I really like, of course the best bit is the amazing price! It went back on sale in Aldi stores on the 6th September, so it’s worth popping into your local Aldi to see if they have any in stock. You’d be mad not to, you can get shiny hair and change from a fiver. What’s not to love? I hope you all have a great Friday night, I am off now for the weekend! Wahooooo. I’m so excited to have a weekend off, so if you have the weekend off too enjoy 🙂

*PR Samples