Playing it straight: ghs Black Gloss IV Stylereview


I’m not usually a fan of straight hair, in fact it’s very rare to see me without wavy/curly big hair. The thing is when I was younger I used to straighten my hair all the time! Remember when hair straighteners were invented and everyone went crazy for them. I remember my first pair were Remington ones and the irons were so wide I could of straightened the whole width of my hair in one go. But then came along the ghds. I was about 13 and my friend got some, I decided I wanted some too so I could have really straight hair so I swapped my trusty crimpers ( now I feel old) to get £20 off a new pair of ghds. After that I have never used another hair straightening brand since. I even got my mum and sister hooked on them. I rocked the straight hair looks for years and then realised that it’s all about texture and i got bit by the big hair bug when my obsession with Cheryl Cole started about 4/5 years ago. Fast forward and I rarely use hair straighteners, I know they can be quite bad for your hair but thanks to a new ghd styler in my life I may be rocking the straight look more often.

ghd Black Gloss IV Styler*

The ghd gloss styler are smaller and glossier than the usual ghd styler and have new features such as a sleep mode so if they’ve not been used for more than 30 minutes they automatically switch off. Has anyone else had that horrible ‘OMG did I switch the hair straighteners off this morning?’ thought? This helps to put your mind at ease. They also can create curls and waves this is something I definitely need to practise with! When using them they are quick to heat up and are really easy to use. They glide through your hair and can straighten with one go. When I used these my hair was like Monica from friends when she went to Barbados So it took me a couple of goes to get the poker straight Look I wanted. The stylers are so glam and I have to say they look quite sexy with their glossy black exterior. I imagine these are the hair straighteners that someone like cat woman would use.

Before, during and after using the ghd black gloss IV Stylers

Though I still love my big wavy hair I loved the way how straight hair makes my hair look really shiny and can look quite polished. Its also a lot quicker process than curling my hair. I of course use heat protection liberally to protect my hair but hey who knows maybe you’ll see me rock the straight hair look more often from now on 😉 The GHD Black Gloss IV stylers are priced at £99 RRP and can be bought from the offical ghd website (link). So I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, it was my day off today and I went into town and spent well some money. D’oh! Ha can you tell the Simpsons are on right now? Also my life was made today, Millie Mackintosh from MIC tweeted me today! OMG dyingggggg! But I now know what blush she uses.. and I may of ordered it straight away. Whooooopsy. No more spending for me! Have a good evening 🙂