The Body Shop BB Cream: Review


To be honest with you, the whole BB cream used to under whelm me. I was a bit ‘meh’ about them and just couldn’t get excited about them at all. I turned to tinted moisturisers and thought that to be honest they were nothing but glorified tinted moisturisers and surely I didn’t need another one of those. However my Mum told me about how The Body Shop were launching a BB cream and when we went shopping she wanted to go ‘swatch it'( I’ve taught her well, not that long ago she used the term ‘haul’) because it didn’t have SPF in and she didn’t want to have a ghost face in photos ( like I said, she’s been taught well).   I was like ‘yeah okay, that’s fine’ thinking that like the others, I wouldn’t be interested. However when we got to the Body Shop, I was intrigued when we popped the All in One BB Cream on our hands. It came out as a white liquid, think MAC strobe cream, it then transforms into your face colour when rubbed in. Pigment filled capsules burst when rubbed and transform to a natural shade. There’s three shades and I was like ‘ how does this work?!’ I couldn’t resist and had to buy it. That was about three weeks ago and well I haven’t used another base since.

 The Body Shop: All in One BB Cream: Shade 02: £12

The Body Shop’s All in One BB Cream is pretty low coverage but to be honest it’s just what I want right now. I’ve harped on about how these days I prefer a low coverage base and then a high coverage concealer just in the areas I need it. This way my look is more natural and give the illusion of flawless skin as you’re not caked in make up. This is very low coverage so it might not be for everyone but personally I love it, the colour completely adapts to your skin tone and you’re sat there thinking ‘how the hell did it do that?’ It’s like Einstein of the beauty world. It leaves a dewy radiant glow which you all know I love and just gives my skin a pick me up without being too heavy. It doesn’t clog your skin up and hasn’t caused any breakouts for me. It doesn’t make my skin particularly oily, so I think it’s a great all rounder for all skin types. I really like to use a moisturiser first then apply this so my skin looks really glowy and radiant. I find that you get more coverage when you rub this in with your fingers rather than a brush, I suppose it’s so the capsules can really burst.

Me wearing The All in One BB cream by The Body Shop 

It lasts pretty well, I do tend to pop a little bit of powder on my nose and cheeks if I’m at work to help my make up last a little longer. However this may be a downside to some people but this doesn’t include SPF. I personally don’t mind this as my concealer has SPF in and I like the fact I now have a lighter foundation to wear on occasions where there will be cameras near. This will be a godsend come my graduation. All in all I love this BB cream and have been reaching for it every day. It’s very Millie Mackintosh… 😉

Are you into BB Creams? What’s your favourite? I hope you’ve all had a lovely Thursday 🙂