The Break Out Heroes: Spot Fixers


My skin is definitely what you’d call problem skin, I like to call it teenage skin even though I’m not longer a teenager. However over the past few months, my skin seems to be growing up and maybe one day it will transform into adult skin! But for now, my skin has it good and bad days. Ever since I got back of my holiday my skin seems to be having quite a few good days which is obviously a good thing! But the week before I went on holiday, I had a massive break out which had me reaching for what I like to call the breakout heroes. I seem to get a quite bad break out once a month or so and I’ve been using these products to combat the little blighters that invade my face.

Vichy Normaderm Purifying Pore Tightening Lotion*: Mistry’s Pharmacy: I like to use this Vichy toner after I’ve cleansed my skin in the evening, it’s good for getting rid of any lurking bacteria and I really feel it works well on my tzone. It’s got an almost peeling effect so it like exfoliates your skin taking away dead skin cells but isn’t harsh on your skin as it has a skin soothing agent. I find it’s really good for using on my nose and on my cheeks which is where my pores can be quite congested. After using this for a couple of months, I have noticed my pores aren’t as congested and I feel it helps calm breakouts and help them bugger off quicker!

La Roche Posay: Effaclar A.I*: Mistry’s Pharmacy: I use this as more of a over time acne treatment, it’s not really a quick fixer. I used this alot when I was on holiday and found it to really help soothe and hurry up the healing of breakouts. It’s good to use if you have a continual acne problem, at the moment I tend to have good weeks and then bad weeks so at the moment, I’m turning to quick fixes. However this is a lovely product as are the other La Roche Posay products.

Etat Pur: Salicylic Acid*:GlossyBox: I got this in a Glossybox a couple of months ago and I’ve been loving applying this to any pesky spots I have that come up. It definitely helps kill bacteria and is supposed to be good for shrinking blackheads. This I will definitely be trying!

Origins: Super Spot Remover: John Lewis: CCO: I love using this on nasty blighters that I get. I find it really works and when used overnight, spots are reduced in size and are less angry! It’s the only treatment to really work and recently I have been using this as part as a dream team… the other half is down below.

Sudocrem: Boots: Sudocrem is a cult product, apparently Chezza (Cheryl Cole) uses this and I’ve seen it on many reality shows think Geordie Shore and TOWIE. Back in the day I swore by sudocrem but then stopped using it, mainly because I felt it stopped working for me and lots of bloggers were like ‘DON’T PUT NAPPY CREAM ON YOUR FACE.’ However, I’ve had a few bad break outs lately and I was getting a little desperate for something that would really hurry up the healing of these spots. On a whim I slathered on some sudocrem and woke up the next morning to see my skin looking 10x better than the night before. This has really helped heal spots and helps the buggers go away. When teamed with the Orginis Super Spot remover they work together to kill the bacteria and shrink the size. I love it and I will be using sudocrem, bad or not on my face for the time being.

So there we go, my miracle products I turn to when I have a breakout. Let me know your favourite break out products. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Wednesday, I already can’t wait for the weekend! 🙂