The Lazy Girl Chocolate Cake


Now I was in two minds whether to write this post up as I’m no Nigella. However after instagrammin’ (yes that is a word.. well it is now) some pictures of the chocolate cake I made at the weekend, a few of you asked for the recipe. Now this is probably the easiest chocolate to make ever, I mean if I can make it anyone can. This is not even a recipe but I thought I’d write about how I made it seeing as some of you asked and well it was pretty yummy.

This is the lazy girl chocolate cake, it takes about ten minutes to prep and you need so few ingredients that you don’t even get your kitchen in a mess. I didn’t even need to wear an apron, this is coming from the messiest pup ever so this is pretty ground breaking. You see the way this chocolate cake is so easy to make is because it’s out of a box. I know, I know, how easy is it to make a cake? But I promise once you taste this chocolate cake you won’t go back. It’s called the Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix and is a big family favourite of mine. We discovered this bad boy a few years ago and now every birthday, whether it’s mine, my sister’s or even my boyfriend’s, my Mum makes us one of these cakes. We all love it and my Mum has to always say ‘it’s very MOIST.’ She does it to wind me up as I always shudder at that word. To be fair this is the most moist chocolate cake you’ll ever eat, I mean come on who likes a dry cake?

What You Need to make this amazingly naughty chocolate cake: 

Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix ( about £2/3 from supermarkets) 

Chocolate Frosting for icing or your preferred filling/topping

3 Medium Eggs 

250ml Water 

70ml Vegetable Oil (ugh oil in your cake? This is the moist making tastes good trust me) 

Mixing Bowl 

Electric Whisk (ultimate lazy girl) or a whisk 

Two Cake Tins 

An Oven 

Some chocolate cake loving family and friends. 

What To Do: You could just read the back of the packet for this bit, but that would make this a seriously crap post.

  • First of all pre heat your oven to 180 degrees
  • Grease your cake tins, I used some kitchen roll and some stork butter to do this 
  • Pop your cake mix, water, oil and eggs all into a large mixing bowl 
  • Whisk together for about three minutes or if you’re like me till it looks ready ( i.e no lumps) 
  • Distribute your mix into two cake tins, try to make sure you divide it equally. 

Before Mixing and After Mixing. 

  • Pop the tins into the oven.. depending on your cake tin size, depends on how long you leave it. Our tins were 20 inches so I left mine for 25 minutes. 

Hands up who wants to lick the bowl?

  • When they look done, get a skewer and insert through the middle. If when pulling it out it’s clean, it’s done. If not, pop it back in for five extra minutes. 
  • Leave to cool for ten minutes, then take out of the cake tins. 
  • Time to ice. 
  • Grab your frosting or filling and apply liberally to the one side of the cakes. My cakes weren’t properly cooled so I ended up with a very gooey, melty chocolaty filling. This seemed an error at first but actually turned out genius. The frosting melted into the cake making it even more naughty and delicious. 
  • Pop the other cake on top and then ice the topping of the cake. 
  • Leave to cool/set. 


  • Then serve up and take a picture for your instagram 
  • Finally eat till you feel you can’t eat another crumb. 
  • P.S it’s okay if you don’t want to share. 

Who wants a piece? 

That is literally it. The cake I made was so yummy, I was quite proud of myself. Though it wasn’t the hardest of recipes. It takes no time at all and creates a huge cake. You could mix it up with different fillings, I think next time I might fill mine with nutella. That really would be a cake from God. I am by no means taking credit for this recipe, this is all Betty Crocker’s work but this is what I do when I need a little bit of chocolate cake loving in my life and can’t be arsed fannying around with scales and flour. If you try this cake, I hope you enjoy, it really is something else. Hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday 🙂