The Peplum: Outfit Post


So today marked my first day off, wahoooo! I’ve seriously missed having weekends off, both my boyfriend and I are pretty shattered so we had a bit of a chill day. The most eventful part of our day was to pop to Asda to get some ingredients to bake a cake! I’ve been fancying a cake all week, so knew one of the things I had to do this weekend was to bake a cake! I did do the lazy girls version and buy a cake mix but it sure looks good, albeit a little messy and gooey! So this is the ensemble I wore to Asda, to be fair I am a little dressed up for Asda, but when you wear a uniform all week, putting on normal clothes is a little bit exciting.

Top: Primark

Jeans: Primark

As you can see I am wearing a peplum top (!!) I was so against these at first as I thought they would make my hips look bigger, however I have to admit I was wrong. For some reason I am now loving peplum tops and have even got a peplum dress for my graduation! Ooooh la la! This little number however is from Primark was just £8.00. It’s a grey print, a print which my boyfriend described as ‘what you see on the tv when there’s no signal.’ It’s really simple but just adds a little something to outfits. I think this will look great dressed up with black jeans and heels. It was quite warm outside so I just threw on my blazer on top and then my leigh topshop inspired jeans from Primark. Ooh what a Primark filled outfit this is! 

So there we have it today’s outfit, I’m now off to pay my boyfriend some attention and settle down to watch Xfactor… Bootcamp baby! I love Bootcamp so I’m very excited. Have a great evening whatever you get up to 🙂