The Sunday Favourites Post


It occurred to me whilst in the shower the other day, ( does anyone else get inspiration for blog posts when in the shower or is it just me?) That I don’t really do very many personal posts anymore, so I’ve come up with a new idea for a new set of posts. It’s called the Sunday Favourites and hopefully if I’ve not had too much of a crazy week, I’ll be posting about my favourite things from the past week. I realise that quite a lot of bloggers do Sunday posts, but I thought I’d go along the same line but add in some favourites too. Thought it might be a nice little post that’s a bit different to the normal posts that I do. So let’s get started with this week’s first Sunday Favourites.

This week’s favourite beauty product has to be the new All in One BB cream from the Body Shop. However this is as much as I will say as I have a full review of this product to go live later on this week 🙂 

This weeks fave song has to be Pink’s new one, Blow Me (one last kiss.) I used to be a fan of Pink back in the Get The Party Started days and I remember I had the album and was shocked at the amount of swearing.. I was 11. However luckily it didn’t turn me into a gobby yob so a little swearing didn’t hurt. I really like this new one, it’s a bit angsty and it’s good to listen too when walking to work and I’m all angsty cause I have to work. So I pop my headphones in and this gets me prepped for my day. 

The beautiful Nars Multiple in South beach is my favourite new beauty purchase of the week. Used by Millie Mackintosh ( she told me herself) I had to have it. Full review on this soon, but it gives perfect bronzed glowy cheeks. 

These boots are a new addition to my shoe collection and have been announced as my winter boots 2012. The beauties are from Missguided and are a pretty good replica of a pair of Office boots I’ve been eyeing up for a while! Of course they are a lot cheaper at £34.99 and so far I can vouch that they’re good quality and comfy! 

Finally this week’s essential is Sudocrem. I’ve been getting over a breakout and have found this to have really helped heal them. 

So there’s a few of my fave products from the week, overall I’ve had a pretty boring week. I’ve mostly worked but had this weekend off which has been nice! I made a very messy and gooey chocolate cake and gave the flat a good clean. How come days off always end up with you cleaning? I also put the money I earned on Ebay to good use as I bought some Ellie Goulding tickets. I’m already excited about seeing her live even though it isn’t till December, as I have listened to her album Lights about 141441 times. I am already chomping at the bit to listen to her new album which is released next month! So I hope you’ve all had a good week and have enjoyed my new Sunday favourites. To see pictures like this all week you can check out my Instagram which is dizzybrunette3 btw. Have a good week and I’ll be back soon with the normal posts 🙂