A New Favourite: Superdrug Dry Shampoo


Now I am a huge fan of dry shampoo, I go through cans like no body’s business and I use it most days. I don’t have overly greasy hair, I just find that it’s essential for creating big hair and well you all know I love big hair. I find spritzing some at the roots, massaging in and then brushing out helps to create texture and volume without having to over backcomb your hair which can be quite damaging. Dry shampoo also makes sure that my hair is looking fresh and considering I wash my hair about two/three times a week this is a bit of an essential. When achieving big hair, I feel that you need hair that hasn’t been freshly washed, so dry shampoo helps your hair look clean whilst creating volume. It’s a 2 in 1 for me. However I’ve never been able to find my perfect dry shampoo. They usually leave a grey colour behind which always looks a bit dodgy, even the brunette one from Batiste left a funny colour in my hair, maybe it was my hair colour but I was getting fed up of sometimes seeing I still had grey roots when I was at work. I needed to try some other dry shampoo’s and well I’m glad I looked elsewhere cause I’ve found some winners.

I’ve heard before that Superdrug dry shampoo is supposed to be good, but just never got round to buying it. For some reason I always have a endless amount of dry shampoo so when my Batiste supply started getting low I hot footed it to Superdrug. I was pleased to see that they had an amazing offer on dry shampoo, buy one get two free. The next best thing was that it was just £1.99. £1.99 for three bottles?! AMAZING! I was talking to one of the girls at work about this and we were like ‘that offer is just too good!’ I picked two of the brunette version which is called Chocolate Brownie and just a normal one called Head in the Clouds which is the one with the orange lid. I took a risk and thought if they’re rubbish, it’s only £1.99. However the next day, I was amazed and found myself thinking that’s the best £1.99 I’ve ever spent. The brunette dry shampoo is a dark brown colour, no hint of grey at all. It matches my hair perfectly and also does what it’s supposed to do. Eradicate greasiness and give some volume. The colour does leave your fingers dark brown so you have to go wash them straight away but to be honest I can live with that at least I don’t have grey hair. The normal version is also great too, it has the tiniest bit of grey, it’s more clear than grey which is obviously amazing, it also smells lovely. It might be too overpowering for some but personally I love scented things to put on your hair. All in all they are really good dry shampoo’s and I doubt I’ll be buying another brand from now on.

This has showed me to not be so much of a snob when it comes to shop’s own brand products. You really can get some amazing products for a fraction of the price of the leading brands. I urge you try the Superdrug dry shampoo’s especially if you’re a brunette and also suffer from the grey parting problem. I’m off now as I have to go to work but only a few hours stand between me and my three day weekend. WAHOOOO. Have a great Friday 🙂