Bargain Hunt: Outfit


We all love a good sale don’t we? I did get excited when a email from Topshop arrived in my inbox alerting me of their mid season sale. I hotfooted it down there on my lunch break and found myself a bit like ‘oh.’ To be fair this wasn’t as good as Topshop’s summer sale, yes there were a few nice things but nothing that made my heart race and palms get all clammy. I bought one thing and my bank balance breathed a sigh of relief. That one thing was this navy blouse which was a steal at just £15. I always love Topshop blouses but find paying £30+ for a slather of material a bit of a rip off when you can get very similar ones in other shops for like half the price. I’d had my eye on this blouse for a while so knew I had to pick it up now it was reduced. I had to get the size bigger than normal as they didn’t have my size, but you’d never know. It’s what I like to call a ‘swing’ style as it just swings. You can wear it tucked in or let it out in all it’s swinging glory.

Blouse: Topshop

Jeans: Primark

I wore this last night to a meal out with my boyfriend’s Dad and Stepmum, we went to a local pub so the dress code wasn’t too dressy but me being me, I can never rock up somewhere just in a hoodie and jeans. I thought this blouse would be perfect for a meal as you can eat a lot and no one would ever know! Good old swingy top. I hope that it does swing and not make me look like I’m expecting though, as sometimes these tops can be a bit unflattering. I paired my new blouse with some black jeans, these ones are from Primark and they seem to go all baggy on the legs and make me look about 3ft tall in photos. Not the best. The hunt for the perfect black jean goes on!

So I hope you’ve had a good week, I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger again! D’oh ( who do I think I am? Homer Simpson?) I hope you all have a great weekend, I’m working both days (boo retail boo) but hopefully will get a post up in between being engrossed watching Xfactor! Have a lovely weekend 🙂