Get Your Glitter On: My Favourite Glitter Nail Polishes


I’m a little bit obsessed with nail polishes and I like to co-ordinate my nails to the current season. In the summer, it’s all about neons and pastel nails but as soon as winter wings it’s way around, I’m loving rich deep colours. However the one thing you need in your nail collection for Autumn is glitter. Glitter screams ‘christmas party’ and throughout the months of November and December, at least one of my nails will have glitter adorned on it. In fact I’ve been starting earlier this year, but I’ve got some gorgeous new glitters which are just too nice to keep hidden away. I realised that the majority of my glitter polishes are Models Own, I do love Models Own, at £5 a pop they’re not too much of a naughty treat but they are oh so pretty. Models Own have really excelled themselves with their newest collections. Here’s my current five fave glitters and the best bit is they won’t break the bank!

From Left To Right: 

Southern Lights, Disco Mix, Freak Out, Hotstuff, Pink Fizz

Models Own: Southern Lights: This bad boy is a new release from Models Own in their Wonderland collection. When I saw this collection, I was like ‘oh my god I need them in my life!’ I was pretty restrained when I spotted the collection in my local Boots, I bought Southern Lights as it caught my eye, a lilacy shade with holographic glitter. Let me tell you, it’s beautiful when on, I keep looking down at my nails and finding myself staring at them! It’s such a gorgeous glitter but the only bad thing is that now I want the rest of the collection!

Models Own: Ibiza Mix: This chunky glitter is from the Hedkandi collection and is a right babe. It has multicoloured chunky glitter and looks great over any nail polish shade. It’s a must have for your collection.

From Left to Right: 

Disco Mix, Freak Out, Hotstuff, Pink Fizz 

Models Own: Freak Out & Hotstuff : Now when I saw the mirrorball collection from Models Own, my heart skipped a beat. How beautiful are they? Chunky glitter again but in an assortment of different shades. At first I wanted them all.. but then my restrained myself and went for just the two. Freak Out and Hotstuff are beautiful, Freak Out is blue based and Hotstuff is pink based. Hotstuff looks like Barbie has just vommed on your nails… I bloody love it! I also love the bottles, how cute is the coloured lids? Can all nail polishes look like this please?

Models Own Pink Fizz: Finally a old favourite, pink fizz, it reminds me of pink champagne, bubbly and not to be mixed with vodka. This is a perfect girly glitter, it’s opaque and looks amazing as a accent nail. I personally love this paired with Essie Fiji for a sophisticated look with a edge.

So there we have it my favourite glitter nail polishes, I could go on for ages about glitter ( can you tell?!) All of the polishes can be bought from either Models Own’s website or Boots ( take advantage of that 3 for 2!!)  Hope you’ve had a good weekend guys, I worked all weekend but I’ve got a cheeky two days off in the middle of the week! I’m feeling a bit more positive about everything at the moment, I had a bit of a down phase and I just didn’t feel like anything, blogging, making videos, etc! Anyways I feel a lot more like myself now, I think every now and then everyone goes through a bit of a fed up phase.. hopefully I’m getting out of mine! Hope you all have a great week, I’ve got lots of blog posts planned so I’ll be back soon 🙂