How To Look The Best At Everything By Benefit


Unfortunately or fortunately (whichever way you look at it) I am no longer a student. I handed my last piece of work in on the 14th May (yes a memorable date that one is) and next month I finally graduate. Though I still think like a student in the fact that I’m always thinking ‘budget, budget’ or ‘it’s September where’s my loan?’ or ‘hey it’s 3pm and bargain hunt’s on. Let’s go for a nap.’ Boy do I miss naps. Anyway I basically very almost work full time now which means that when I get money, it’s mine. I’ve earned it, this means I am a little more careful with my money so I tend to admire high end make up from afar. Benefit is one of those brands I like to coo over but unfortunately don’t own much off (though my Benefit collection is growing which is good) I think Benefit is a little different to other premium cosmetic brands. From it’s quirky packaging to fresh new products always being released, it’s a fun brand that you can’t help but love. Due to the run up of Christmas (yes folks I said the C word. Let’s just face it, it’s only a month or so to go till we start to see the ‘Holidays are coming’ advert on our TVs. Then we all know it’s nearly Christmas.) Benefit have released lots of little kits that are a new way to try Benefit products.

Benefit’s How to look the best at everything kit: Medium* 

I’m going to talk about the How To Look The Best At Everything kit* which is a flawless complexion make up kit or as I like to call it ‘the face base kit.’ It includes everything you need for a perfect base and comes in a super cute box that looks like a little book! I want to carry it round with me and pretend I’m like Belle from Beauty & the Beast but I carry make up not books. This little kit has four products and a little brush included as well as some tips and tricks on how to use the products. Oooh handy. So what exactly is in this little cute shaped book that isn’t a book? Let’s have a look shall we?

the Porefessional Primer: Now unless you’ve been living under a cave or have never ever read a beauty blog and have just stumbled across this one looking for Tulisa naked.. or what fake tan the Geordie Shore cast use( Yes those searches has lead to my blog before! P.S in answer to the second question I think it’s St.Moritz.. come on what else would it be?) you’ll of heard about Porefessional. It’s basically a primer to help cover pores, fine lines and give your face a nice base for your make up to go onto. I use this most days and find it helps to hide those pesky pores of mine and fill the lines in on my forehead which are from years of eye rolling. My boyfriend tells me I wouldn’t have those lines if I didn’t roll my eyes so much. He however doesn’t realise how important the eye roll is, in fact I’m so good at it now I don’t even know I’m doing it. This is great for these, I tend to put this on then leave it for five minutes to sink in before applying foundation.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: Cute as a Bunny: This foundation hasn’t long been released and something that has interested me, however I’m not sure how generous Benefit counters are with samples so I’ve never got one and I don’t usually like splashing £20+ on a foundation I don’t know will work for me. This foundation I quite like, it’s a semi matte finish which means for a dewy lover like myself I have to apply some liquid highlight to bring back some sheen. It’s medium coverage and lasts pretty well. I found it’s one of those foundations that makes you look quite flawless and I was impressed with it. I really like that you get such a cute bottle so you can really try it before making the plunge and buying the full size one. The colour of this foundation was a little too light for me but wasn’t too far off, I’d rather have a too light foundation so I can warm it up with bronzer than one that’s too dark.

Boi-ing concealer: Shade 02 & 03: Now my gripe with this product is the lack of shade ranges, there’s a fair, medium and deep. I have the medium kit.  Now we all know there isn’t just three shades of skin. If there was then well it’d be happy days, we would never have that trouble of tanned face/white neck would we? But I do like the fact that there is two shades of concealer in each kit, I tend to use the lighter shade under my eyes and depending on whether I’d fake tanned my face, I’d use a mix of the two shades or just the 3 on it’s own. I found this to be a nice creamy consistency and is medium/full coverage. It lasts pretty well and when blended in well it’s not cakey. It also comes in a great little tray that you can throw in your handbag for touch ups.

Hello Flawless Powder: I’m So Money Honey: This is the final step of the kit and is a powder cover up to finish your make up. I’m not really a powder girl but find this helps to finish the look and seal the make up in. I thought that when all the products were used together they worked really well together to create a flawless base. You also get a cute little brush to apply the powder with.

I was impressed with this little kit and thought that it’s a great way of trying Benefit products and getting a feel for them. Priced at £24.50 it might be a bit pricey for some people, but with Christmas in a couple of months, this would be excellent to pop on your Christmas list. I mean who wouldn’t want to open this on Christmas morning? Will you be adding this on your list to Santa? Or just treating yourself? I hope you’ve all had a great day, I’m glad to be back from work as had a nice 8.5 hour shift today. Definitely time to snuggle up and a nice bubble bath!

*PR Sample