New Baby: Marc B Capesthorne Handbag


I’m one of those girls that likes to get excited about a new handbag. I’m not promiscuous though with my handbags, I’m a one and only girl ( well until a new one comes along.) I’m picky with my handbags though, they have to be classy, not too much detail going and to be able to hold quite a lot. Yes I’m one of those that basically carries the kitchen sink around with them. My beloved Zara shopper bag was starting to get a little on my nerves, it’s basically half the size of me and it got heavy incredibly quickly. Also after all the near misses I have had of knocking out small children when carrying it, I decided maybe it was time for something new.. and smaller. Enter the Capesthorne handbag from Marc B*. It may not look that much in photos, but this a beauty in real life. A black tote with a gorgeous leopard print interior and gold hardware.

Marc B Capesthorne Black Tote*

I’d been craving a winter black handbag and this definitely fills my cravings. It’s the perfect size, big enough to hold essential items like my diary, purse, umbrella, lipsticks, my lunch. But it’s not so big, I have mothers’ giving me evils for giving their children a black eye. That was joke btw. It also has loads of little pockets to hold items such as your keys, cards, your phone, your lipstick. I love this as I always have that mad panic when my phone’s in the bottom of my bag as I’m like ‘WHERE’S MY PHONE. SOME ONE HAS PICKED MY POCKET.’ So these little pockets come in great use! The gold exterior may not be to everyone’s taste but personally I love it, the gold Marc B heart and all. You can take that off though if it doesn’t float your boat. For £47.00 I think this bag is worth the price, it’s good quality, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using it for a while!

Right then I am now off to go watch the Xfactor results, I do wonder what will happen tonight, last week Louis just cracked me up. His play acting was brilliant and Gary storming off. I do love a drama. I hope you’ve had good week/weekend, I’ve been really busy working but hopefully I’ll start to get better at keeping on top of blogging!

*PR Sample