Bow Down To Xen Tan’s Moroccan Tan.. The King of fake tan’s..


So it was just the other day I was harping on about how I love a dark fake tan. I am a tanorexix and proud! I thought I’d found a winner in Xen Tan’s Dark Absolute Luxe, a gorgeous olive tan but still didn’t provide the ultimate holy grail due to the pale green guide colour and the clay consistency it made me feel like I was getting a work out! However, something new has arrived, something that may of knocked Dark Absolute Luxe’s socks off and is cheaper too. Okay so let’s go to the beginning, I’m sitting on my lunch and a email from Xen Tan pops into my inbox. It’s a email about two new fake tans that Xen Tan have released, one is called Moroccan Tan. It’s a deep dark tan and has a tropical scent. I almost choked on my smokey bacon crisps. This tan sounded too good to be true. The tan I have been WAITING for.

Xen Tan: Moroccan Tan*

The postman popped Moroccan Tan through my letterbox a few days later and I could not get in that shower quick enough to scrub off my old tan and re apply my new tan. So before I get to the nitty gritty, let’s see what makes Moroccan Tan different to other Xen Tan offerings. First of all it’s enriched with Argan Oil to keep your skin hydrated, it has a rich deep guide colour, has a tropical coconut scent and it’s paraben free. So first of all I loved the fact the guide colour was a deep dark brown, it means you can see where you’ve missed and it was super silky meaning it melted into your skin. I’d definitely recommend wearing a mitt other wise you end up with cheesy wotsit hands! Now Xen Tan is my all time favourite tanning brand as they don’t smell like other tans. You don’t get that biscuit smell with Xen Tan that’s for sure! The usual scent is marzipan or vanilla, but Moroccan tan is coconut scented. Screeeaaam! Coconut is my favourite scent ever! It reminds me of holidays and I literally own everything coconut, body butter, body spray, bubble bath. The lot. Can you imagine how excited I was? I thought as the guide colour was so dark, I’d just put on one layer. I didn’t want to wake up looking like I was a mahogany wardrobe after all.

Of course this picture is wrong on so many levels, the fact I have just come home from work so look a bit frazzled. The neon bra is just no. But hey this is what one layer of Moroccan Tan looks like!

I popped my onesie on and settled down to sleep. The next morning I woke up looking like I’d just been on holiday to somewhere hot and sunny! Even though I’d just put the one layer on, I had a golden olive tan and didn’t smell of fake tan at all. Wahoooo. There’s not much to say apart from I ruddy love this tan. It’s what I’ve been waiting for, super dark, smells of coconut and lasts a good six/seven days. Next week is my work Christmas meal and I will be for sure slapping on some Moroccan Tan to look all bronzed. Also Moroccan Tan isn’t too pricey, at £24.99 it’s pretty good value! You can only currently buy it on the Xen Tan website here.. If you love a dark tan and tropical scents then well this is the tan for you. I have nothing else to say apart from Xen Tan.. I salute you.