Class of 2012: My Graduation


So the day that I had been waiting for finally arrived, my graduation. Even though I handed my last piece of work in back in May, I had to wait another six months before donning robes and finally officially graduating. I was determined to still be a ‘student’ until I graduated but after my student discount cards ran out, I thought stuff this, I may as well just become a grown up. So yesterday on a pretty cold but dry (thankfully) day I went and graduated, something to be honest I never thought would happen. Uni wasn’t a easy experience for me and to be honest I am quite glad it’s over. Though I miss the lifestyle, you don’t get time to have afternoon naps anymore with a full time job. I worked hard over the three years, well maybe not that hard in the first year. But in the third year for about six months or so, I slept, ate and breathed uni work. It was the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing at night. I just wanted to do really well and luckily my hard work paid off as I left uni with a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in Media Communications.

Beautysets - My Graduation

The prepping for graduation was fun, I was like ‘ooh what make up should I wear? What Dress? How to paint my nails?’ In the end I went for a smokey brown eye look with a nude lip and some Cheryl lashes, make up to follow though I think. Hair was obviously big. Nails were glitterfied thanks to Models Own Southern Lights. The dress was a lace peplum number from Warehouse, which I love. Though some other bloody girl was wearing it *angry face* I reassured myself I looked better (you see us girls have to say this to ourselves.) I went for a purple themed dress as my robes were purple and I was glad I had because it stood out a bit under my robes! I was seriously excited about donning some robes, I imagined I’d be like Harry Potter but I found them quite uncomfortable! The hat was like balancing a book on my head and the robes kept slipping! However handy tip is to carry hair grips and safety pins to pin everything in place! Once everything had been pinned I felt much better!!

 Dress: Warehouse

Shoes: Primark 

I did feel pretty cool though in my robes! All that swanning around made up for the countless nights of lost sleep due to all nighters doing uni work. I wore some Primark heels but changed into flats to collect my award. Being the clumsiest person ever, hey after falling over whilst doing the 200m race at Sports Day in front of the WHOLE school, I’ve been a bit wary of public humilation. This did mean I looked like a borrower up on the stage, the Chancellor had to bow down to me, this could of just been because I am a utter legend. Who knows. The ceremony was pretty long, which I’m sure you’ll know about if you’ve graduated! I was eagerly awaiting my turn and clapping everyone ( it was mean not to) which means my hands were aching by the end! It was really like something from Harry Potter though with all the robes, but sadly not like the graduation in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods makes a speech and we all throw our hats in the air. Boo.

I had a really lovely day and it was finished by a meal in Prezzo with my family and boyfriend. I was really chuffed to have them all there and it makes the past three years of hard work worth it! My mum spoilt me and bought me a Thomas Sabo bracelet to match my dress and a new charm which was really nice! My Dad sent me a text saying I looked very grown up…Dad’s eh? All in all it was a great day, really nice to see my class mates again and well I wish I could do it again now I know what happens! It’s my boyfriend’s turn on Friday so I’ll be swanning around with him, I’ve even ordered a new playsuit for the occasion! Ooh la la. If you’re graduating this week then good luck! If you still have time to go at uni, keep going, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! I hope you’ve all had a great week, I’m off now as I am shattered after a busy few days. See you soon 🙂