Soap & Glory Must Haves


Like probably many of you, I am a big fan of Soap and Glory products. They are relatively cheap and can be bought from Boots. I tend to get Soap and Glory products for Birthday’s and Christmas’s and I’ll be sure popping some products on my list to Santa this year! I thought with Christmas just a mere few weeks away (eeeeek) I’d get together some of my favourite products. They make the perfect presents for sister’s, Mum’s, friends etc. Or even just a treat for yourself, you know ‘ To me, Love Me x.’ I do it all year round 😉

Beautysets - Soap and Glory must haves
Glad Hair Day Shampoo: my Mum has used this for month’s and was always telling me to try it. Eventually she gave me a bottle and I can see why she raves about it so much. It’s a really lovely cleansing shampoo that cleans and makes your hair super soft and shiny. I also love the fact that it doesn’t create build up and smells lovely too. That’s always a big must when it comes to shampoo.

Clean On Me Shower Cream: Possibly my favourite shower product ever! It smells amazing almost like marshmallows or something and lathers up so you can give yourself a good old clean! It’s moisturising which is good for tan addicts like myself and leaves you feeling clean as a whistle. Dear god who says that? I truly am 21 going on 81. This bottle lasts so long though so is totally worth the money! 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub: This is a new flavour to the Soap and Glory line, it’s a more fresh and fruity smell. It’s very limey and when I first smelt it all I could think of was the lime diet coke for some reason! I love the smell though and the scrub is great for getting rid of pesky old fake tan. They’ve recently brought out a shower gel and body lotion in the same range and I’m desperate to get it!! 

Hand Food Hand Cream: You know it’s getting cold when you need a hand cream in your hand bag. My hands have been getting really dry and this hand cream has been doing the job at popping some life back into them! It also smells amazing and it is gentle on your hands. 

The Breakfast Scrub: Oh my god this is the most amazing smelling product ever. If I could I would put a big spoon into it and eat it, but that would be bad, very bad. It smells so sweet, syruppy and just yummy. I love this scrub and find it gentle but also effective. It’s a must have for all those who have a sweet tooth like me!! 

Other Favourites: Other products I love but aren’t photographed are Calm One Calm All bubble bath, The Righteous Butter body butter and the Mist You Madly body spray. 

Boys if you’re reading this, get the lovely lady in your life some of these products. She’ll love you forever! In case you didn’t know you can buy Soap and Glory from Boots. So what’s your favourite Soap and Glory product? I want it alll!!! Hope you’ve had a great day, it’s been busy at work for me so I’ve been whizzing round like a busy bee. Hope you’ve all had a slightly less busy day! 🙂