Speedy Favourites: Ren, Jergens & Famous Dave


Sometimes I find that I have a few favourite beauty products in my collection, but find there’s not too much I want to say about them. You know it’s a bit of a case that I really like them or maybe don’t want to do a specific post based on just them. So I thought that maybe I’d start doing speedy favourites, just adding a few words to a few products I’ve been liking. It will also be easier for me to do as I find that when I come home from work I’m so shattered I just want to settle down than write a massive blog post. This is a couple of my favourite products at the moment, they’re good and need just a few words written about them. I will be writing about a couple of these products in more detail for soon but for now here we are…

Beautysets - Speedy Faves

So I hope you like my speedy favourites, it’s like speed dating but for beauty products! I hope you’ve all had a good week, it’s been a very busy one at work for me and it’s only going to get busier I think. I have an exciting event this week, my graduation! I can’t believe it’s tomorrow, after months of waiting, I’ll finally get to wear a gown. I’ve painted my nails in the prettiest glitter ever, and I’m still not a 100% on what shoes to wear. Whoops. This week has also been exciting though, as on Friday I headed to London to do some filming for ghd! I know, I couldn’t believe it either when I got the email. It’s a party hair look and I’m really excited to see the final video. It was so surreal, I went to the new ghd dean street studio which was so swish and I had a one on one session with Jo the Head of Education of ghd who was lovely and taught me how to curl my hair with ghds! I’ll be popping the video up as soon as it’s available. It was like being a celebrity getting my make up done and what not and then a few hours later I was in tesco doing my weekly shop. What is life eh? So that’s a little update on me right now, I’ll hopefully get a graduation post up fairly sharpish but check my Twitter @dizzybrunette3 and instagram dizzybrunette3 for updates and piccys! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend 🙂
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