Christmas is a time for bargains and tanning.


Christmas sales, ah Christmas sales. I used to love having a good old meander at the sales in the after math of Christmas, now that I work in retail, I slightly despise sales and the fact that’s shops open on Boxing Day. So this year, I’ve made a bit of a stand, but don’t worry I haven’t completely dismissed Christmas sales. Nope, I’ve been enjoying sales shopping from the comfort of my sofa. No having to elbow people out of the way, no hot sweaty shops and no shopping shoulder the next day after carrying too many bags. I realise that there about a gazillion blog posts about the sales but there’s one sale I wanted to shout out about the most. The feel unique one.

Feel unique is a online beauty store which many of us love and adore. Their Christmas sale this year is pretty darn good and they have some of my favourite products on offer. Hello Xen tan. It’s not long ago I was telling you all about my new love for the Xen tan Moroccan tan. A coconut scented, deliciously dark tan which is just £17.49 in the sale. BARGAIN ALERT. There’s also free postage, so what are you waiting for? Grab a bargain and a tan at the same time!

Thanks to Kate for pointing the bargain out to me and I must recommend you get the tan. At that price it would be rude not too! 🙂