Cocktails at christmas… Outfit


So you all know that I’m 21 going on 81 so I don’t tend to go on nights out too often. I’m much happier snuggled under a blanket watching the telly.. yes I know how yawn. However Christmas is a time when I can make an exception for a night out, after all it is the party season! Saturday night was my works Christmas do, we planned a meal and then some drinks and dancing in Oceana. I was excited, I hadn’t been out in so long and I couldn’t wait for a Christmas dinner and some cocktails. Two of my favourite things. Of course that meant I needed a new outfit, as I don’t go out too often, I don’t own a huge amount of party clothes. I fell in love with a dress from Zara but unfortunately whilst waiting for payday it sold out in my local store and then online. I had to order a size bigger than what I am usually and sadly it was way too big. I could of probably wore a belt but when you’re paying £40 for a dress you want it to be perfect and not make you look like you’ve eaten a elephant.

Dress: Zara

Clutch: Primark

Shoes: Primark 

So a last minute dash on Saturday afternoon to Zara resulted in me buying a embellished shoulder LBD. It’s a little bit too long, I had to tuck it under my waistband.. something I hope my sister can take up for me 🙂 ( Hayley if you’re reading this I’ve bought you nice Christmas presents!) But it was a lot cheaper than the other one and I am a sucker for anything embellished right now. I also thought it was nice and comfy, you want a comfy dress when you’re going out for a three course meal. Next came the beautifying, after a 9 hour day at work this was a tall order, but a twenty minute nap made me feel a bit more alive. Thanks to layers of fake tan (Xen Tan Moroccan Tan*) big hair and false lashes, I was feeling quite alright and almost quite glam!! I had a good night, however I couldn’t cope with three meals, I sometimes struggle with one meal never mind three! But the mojitos went down very nicely. Next we went to Oceana for a little boogie, oh my gosh there was some right sights in there, including a man who was just walking backwards round the dance floor and not caring if anyone got in his way. Or the crazy man who was screaming like this :O to the Pussycat Dolls Jai Ho. What a sight. I did go home pretty early due to having work the next morning and my old lady tendencies coming back. I had a really good night with the girls from work though and I am thanking Zara for saving my ass on the new dress front.

So have you had your Christmas party yet? I still need to find a Christmas day outfit, that’s the next challenge! Have you got yours sorted yet? If so where from? let me know 🙂