Keep The change you filthy animal. Happy Christmas!


I know this is a couple of days late but Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and ate lots and lots, because that’s what Christmas is mainly about. Food. I’ve had a lovely few days, I had to work Christmas Eve morning which sucked but then we drove back home and spent a couple of days with our families for the festive period. Of course like every year, Christmas always goes WAY too quickly! Now I’m back home in my flat, Christmas presents have been put away and I’m back to work tomorrow. Whoop de doo. But I thought I’d just pop a Little Christmas post up and then in the next few days I’ll be doing the usual, Christmas presents, and the much anticipated favourite memories, outfits and products of 2012. Of course every other blogger will be doing these posts but you know, it’s a blogger tradition right?

Hat: H&M

Coat: Topshop

Top: Jolie Moi

Shorts: River Island

So Christmas day was a crazy day, my boyfriend and I both have divorced parents which meant we had four Christmas’s, we’re like Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. But we had a lovely day and were spoilt rotten! I will be doing a separate, what I got for Christmas post if that sounds up your street? Personally I love these kind of posts so that’s why I’ll be doing one! But for now, I just wanted to say I hope you all had a lovely day and are having a nice Festive period. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones who’s getting a good long break over Christmas and not like me who works in retail, which means you get a 48 hour break. I also thought I’d just show you my Christmas day outfit, I did post a photo on instagram but in case you don’t follow me or have instagram, I thought I’d pop it up on here too! My boyfriend surprised me with a bowler hat, I’d been after one for a while, with my Millie Mackintosh girl crush I wanted to be like her and have a hat. I tried a few on and my boyfriend said I’d looked a bit of a idiot, so I left them. Anyways I think that was a rouse as he went and bought me one! I was so surprised and haven’t really taken it off since. I think most of my family liked it, my sister now wants one too. I like it, though sometimes I do think I can look a little 80’s Culture Club but oh well. I can wear and pretend I’m Millie!! Talking of Millie I’m now off to go watch Made in Chelsea’s Christmas Special which I still haven’t watched yet! Argggg, I’m going to settle down with some chocolate and anticipate the Millie slap!!

I hope you’re all having a nice break and I’ll be back soon with what Santa came down the chimney with!! 🙂