So Chaud: So Christmas


Every Christmas time, I think I get a bit overcome by Festive-ness. I start to adorn my nails with glitter like there’s no tomorrow and I buy anything with a sequin on. This Christmas I’ve gone a little Crazy, so crazy I put a capital C on it. Uhuh I know, because I’ve been over riding my usual nude lipsticks for a more festive colour. RED! Bloomin eck. Who am I and what have you done with Corrie? Basically I’m going to blame that brunette Caggie aka Sophia from Made in Chelsea, who in the latest episode was wearing a gorgeous orange toned red lipstick. Being that she has dark hair (snap) and a tan (snap) I thought, hey I want a piece of that orange toned red lipstick pie. I put it to Twitter, which is where I head to have major life decisions made for me. The other night my boyfriend and I couldn’t decide what takeaway to have (oh what is life) he turned round and said ‘Can’t you just get your followers to decide what to have for us?!’ Oh Henry you’ve changed. Basically we flipped a coin and had Indian and it was blooomin lovely. But yes I said I wanted a orange toned red and many suggested So Chaud by MAC. I don’t half love MAC lipsticks and paired with 10% off on It was being shipped to me faster than Mayan believers were sheepishly poking their heads out of their end of the world bunkers. Though I am pretty relieved the world didn’t end, I haven’t seen the Made in Chelsea Christmas special yet.

Mac So Chaud 

So Chaud arrived and it’s a good un. It’s perfect for Crimbo and makes me feel all festive inside.. That’s a lie, I can’t get the festive feeling inside me at all this year. (oop that sounds rude.) But I’ve even watched Elf TWICE and I’ve been humming along to Christmas songs since November. But na da. Maybe once I get home, I’ll feel all Christmassy. So Chaud is very easy to wear, by that I mean, it’s a matte lipstick so it’s easy to apply, because I’m lazy and a bit crap with lip liner I don’t wear liner, but you don’t need to. I apply it with a Real Techniques lip brush quite slowly and ta da. Red Lip goodness. It lasts a long time too which is a good thing, no one likes to apply lipstick every god damn ten minutes and it smells of vanilla. Whoever says they don’t like a scented lipstick is lying to themselves. I tend to wear it with a brown smokey eye or a little winged liner. I got told the other day I would of made a good 50’s woman aka Audrey Hepburn, that my friends is the power of a red lip. Sadly So Chaud hasn’t meant that I now have Proudlock or Francis Boulle fighting over me, but to be honest I think if I wanted someone to fight over me it would be Jamie Laing. A bit of a plonker but I just can’t turn down a biscuit heir.

So if you find after Christmas you have a spare £12 knocking about and fancy some festive red lip business in your life, I’d recommend So Chaud. Also the orange tone means that come summer, this will look blimmin’ amazing with a tan and natural skin and some shorts. Summer it’s been too long!!! I hope you’re all well and are looking forward to Christmas, can you believe it’s in two days?! I can’t!!! I’m going home tomorrow for Christmas after a short shift at work (boooo) but yay to Christmas!!! 🙂