the wardrobe of a personal shopper..part two


So last week saw part one of my work wardrobe outfit posts, I did originally intend to just have the one post of outfits but I may of got a bit carried away and realised that I couldn’t quite put a post up with a bizillion photos. So today is part two, featuring some more outfits that I wear every day! I do want to maybe spruce up my work wardrobe in the new year but for now this is what I wear! Quite a lot of you asked what shoes I wear as I didn’t mention them in the last post, I am a creature of comfort and when you’re working nine hours a day and most of time that is spent on your feet, six inch heels are not an option. Even though heels would make me a average height, I am so bad with heels, I trip up enough when I wear flats never mind heels! So I tend to wear a pair of black ballet pumps from Primark for comfort and then some days I wear my studded ankle boots from Missguided. I have asked Santa for some boots from Zara for Christmas but who knows. For now ballet pumps are my saviour. I just have to tiptoe to get items of the high fixtures.

The Skater Skirt

You have to love a skater skirt, I did but I couldn’t seem to find the right one till I came across this little number by Henry Holland at Debenhams. It has a texture to it which makes it a little more interesting and smarter than the usual jersey skater skirts and looks great paired with blouses and tights. This little skirt has become a staple in my wardrobe and it makes me feel all girly albeit a little schoolgirl like. 

Blouse: Mina UK*

Skirt: Henry Holland at Debenhams 

The Playsuit 

I do love a good playsuit and as soon as I saw this pinafore playsuit on Topshop’s website, I knew I just had to have it. The pinafore is schoolgirl chic at it’s best but for some reason I really love them and think they’re a great staple for winter. I like to pair mine with a blouse underneath, specifically one with a detailed collar for example like the one below with the gorgeous embellished collar from Missguided. The only problem is that this playsuit is quite elaborate to get into so a little word of warning, going to the toilet in this playsuit is rather difficult/takes about ten minutes. So I wouldn’t wear this playsuit out drinking if I was you!! 

Blouse: Missguided

Playsuit: Topshop

The Blazer and Skinnies Combo 

At work we’re not allowed to wear denim, so I decided to push my boundaries with my Topshop Leigh jeans which technically aren’t denim. I like to wear my leigh jeans as a bit of a change and they’re good for chillers days when I can’t face just wearing tights. I like to smarten my Topshop Leigh’s with a trusty blazer, one of my favourite outfits to wear is a all black ensemble with a white blazer. For some reason I feel all Millie Mackintosh when I wear this get up, all I need is a hat and I’d be away. 

Blazer: Topshop

Necklace: H&M
Top: Zara

Jeans but not jeans: Topshop

So there we have it, part two of my work outfits! I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little peek into my work wardrobe, I’m sorry the posts have been so sporadic the past few days. I’ve come down a with a sore throat/cold so I’ve been mainly spending my time watching Christmas films under a blanket! I hope you’re all good and wrapping up in this cold winter weather!!