Tis The season for big hair.


December means one thing; it’s officially party season. It’s that time of year when you get your tan on, whip out the false lashes and don your glad rags. Of course the main component of your party look, well mine is big hair. The bigger the better and all that. I am a big hair addict, flat hair is like a crime to me and especially when I’m getting ready to party, my hair has to be big. Of course getting big hair can be quite tricky, I used to envy big haired girls and think ‘how early must of you got up this morning?’ Well ladies (and gentleman) I have mastered the secret to big hair. Cheryl eat your heart out. Here are my three must haves for big and bouncy locks..

Beautysets - big hair

Step One: Batiste Dry Shampoo: XXL Volume: This is big hair in a can. Yes it can feel very chalky but trust me for a night out this is amazing stuff for getting big hair. Spray some in your roots, massage in and voila. Super big hair. Use this as your first step to prep your hair for big heights.

Step Two: Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers:* These are a must have for me, I use them every single day and I’m sure you’re very bored of me waffling about them. I use these to create volume and curls. The only hair tool that actually makes my hair look curly and voluminous and lasts all day. Pop them in then leave them to work their magic. They’re my hair saviour, without them my hair looks like rats tails! Best of all they are currently half price at Argos, Tesco and Debenhams. Go, Go, GO!

Step Three: Ghd Narrow Dressing Brush:* This brush is a god send from the big hair gods. It’s amazing for backcombing and creating volume. You literally brush down and it creates the most amazing volume. My life/hair will not be the same again. I used this on the ghd shoot I did a couple of weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since, it’s so good. I will be using this in a tutorial soon so you can see just how good it is.

Ta Da, using these three steps I create big and wavy hair that I’m sure Miss Cheryl Cole would be jealous of! For the final step I spray with lots of hair spray, spray some on your fingers and rub into your roots to keep your hair looking high at the roots! I will be using the concoction of all these products when I’m going out for my Christmas works night out this weekend! I’m very excited to Cheryl my hair up!! 🙂

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