I Heart Essie.


I’m Corrie and I’m a nail polish addict. I managed to shake my addiction off for a while but boy it’s back. I used to keep to old Barry M polishes, but now I’ve branched out to Essie. They used to be notoriously difficult to find in the UK but last year they launched in Boots and Superdrug which has meant that when I’ve popped in *just* to get cotton wool or deodorant, I usually end up walking out with a essie as well. I may as well just avoid the make up section as it always ends with my debit card in tears. Over the past few months, my Essie collection has been building up. I feel that I’ve got a little nice set under my belt and maybe it’s time to stop buying so much polish. So shall we have a little look at my modest Essie collection? Okay I’ll show you.

First up is Cute as a Button, which is my latest addition. I fell in love with it, it reminds me of Barry M’s Flamingo Pink which I loved back in the day when I was 17. It’s a coral toned pink which is going to look amazing with a tan in the summer. It’s already a holiday colour contender. Next we have Fiji, which is one of my faves, a pinky white which is just gorgeous. It looks sophisticated, girly and I blooming love it. Mint Candy Apple is probably one of Essie’s most famous polishes, I bought this from Ebay back in 2011 when there was all that blogger hype about it. It’s a perfect green/baby blue colour which always looks amazing. Bikini So Teeny was from the summer collection in 2012, again another blogger hyped colour and I couldn’t get my hands on it for a good couple of weeks. This always leads to slight hysteria. When I finally found it, I did a dance in Boots. True story. Cocktail Bling is another recent addition, a grey/blue colour that I just fell in love with, it reminds me of the Ice Queen for some reason and I thought it might be a nice winter/spring transition colour. Miss Fancy Pants which I promise I didn’t just buy for the name *looks away* is a nude colour, who doesn’t love a nude nail? I bought this when I got my personal shopper job as I saw it as a proper grown up polish. I put it on and still laughed at the word willy. Finally Butler Please which was from Essie’s 2012 winter collection, a cobalt blue which really caught my eye. This colour always gets lots of compliments and it’s a lovely winter colour.


Cute As A Button, Fiji, Mint Candy Apple, Bikini So Teeny, Cocktail Bling, Miss Fancy Pants and Butler Please.

The reason why I love Essie polishes so much is because I find them to always last really well. I even bought a Essie no chip top coat a few weeks ago which has been proving quite good too. I love the wide brushes which were new to the Boots/Superdrug polishes. A wide brush makes painting your nails soooo much easier. They dry pretty quick and they don’t chip for a few days. My nails chip so easily these days due to me either carrying clothes about, doing buttons up, being on the till etc. Of course I’m a busy lady so I don’t want to be painting my nails every night, so I find Essie as a good long lasting nail colour. Of course I wish they were a little cheaper but once a month isn’t going to hurt too much. Next on my list is Ballet Slippers. That baby will be mine next month. Let me know your favourite Essie polishes 🙂