Some weekend reading..


Sunday’s should be for one thing only.. lounging. Sunday is called a day of rest for a reason, long lie ins, snuggling watching films and eating a big fat roast dinner. Sadly I can’t partake in Sunday chilling this week as I have to work. Boo hiss boo. But I thought I’d compile a post for all you Sunday loungers out there. One of my favourite things to do over the weekend is to catch up on blog posts/videos that I may of missed during the week. So I’ve decided to share some blogging love and let you all know about some new blogs I’ve been loving lately, some blogs I’ve loved for a long while and some favourite Youtuber’s too.

New Blogs I’ve Been Reading:

You have to love it when you find a new ace blog to read, you can never read too many in my opinion. I’ve found some gems over the past few months and they were added to my Bloglovin’ to follow list quicker than the blink of an eye.

Burkatron: I found Caroline’s blog randomly one day and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her nail art tutorials are amazing and I love her outfit posts too. I’ve even got my sister hooked on her blog who’s a massive nail art fan. We’re both big fans of Caroline and I love the fact she loves a hat like I do too 🙂

Hello October: I’ve been reading Suzie’s blog for a while now and I feel it’s just getting better and better! I love her posts, they’re always a bit inventive which I love. She always features a mixture of drugstore and high end products which is obviously good for the bank balance! I also love Suzie’s videos too 🙂  She’s also super gorgeous, I have a bit of a girl crush.

A Little Beauty Spot: Hannah’s blog is again a new favourite of mine, from the cute but simple design her posts are always really informative and also include ones from weekend’s away which I love. Hannah recently took a make up artist course so she knows her stuff, I also love Hannah’s videos which are really well edited and I love her make up tutorials. The video of her and her man’s one year together was so sweet, it brought a tear to my eye!

So On Trend: What first drew me to Natasha’s blog is the fact she lives not far from my home town. Shropshire is a pretty small place to see another blogger from there was nice. I love the outfit posts on this blog, Natasha has great style and she’s got me coveting a mint blazer from Primark and a fur hat like no one’s business!

Love Cloth: Kim’s blog is a fairly new discovery for me, I love, love her outfit posts. The pictures are really cute and different to the usual fashion outfit posts. I love her blog and although I’ve only been reading it for a while, I look forward to reading more posts from Kim 🙂

Blogs from my Favourite Celeb’s 

Okay so you all know that I lovvvve Made in Chelsea. So when I found out that both Binky and Millie have started blogs up of their own, they were very quickly bookmarked.

Escentual’s The Beauty Buzz: I realise that many brands now blog, it’s a major part of marketing strategies these day, but few actually grab my attention. Never mind make me want to follow them but Escentual’s beauty blog is a must read for me. It’s not too sell, sell, sell which brand blogs can sometimes be like. They’ve also got Binky from Made in Chelsea on board as a guest blogger. She posts about once/twice a week and I always love reading them. Of course I think some of the posts are a bit ‘does she really use that?’ But nevertheless I love reading them and I do have a beauty crush on Binky and her bronzed ways.

Millie Mackintosh Style Diary: Okay so I don’t need to say much about Millie. You all know she’s top of my girl crush list. She’s had a blog for a while, but she doesn’t update too much but she’s recently started doing a style diary, that gets updated every day. Of course the photos have been taken all in one go but I love seeing different outfits that she’s styled and a lot of what she wears is from places like Zara, River Island etc so it’s not as expensive as you’d think.

Current Favourite Kindle Read: 

Blog IncJoy Deangdeelert Cho: I’ve been neglecting my kindle of late but recently have picked it up to start reading Blog Inc. This has been spoken about on a few blogs and I’d seen it on Instagram too, so after reading a few reviews I decided to download it for myself. I have been struggling a bit lately with blogging. I think I was struggling to mangage my time effectively, so Blog Inc has really helped to spark some much needed motivation. There’s some really handy tips and I have to say if you’re thinking of starting a blog up or have recently started one then it’s great for new bloggers or even old bloggers like myself. It’s a good read and I just wish it had been around when I did my dissertation! 

Favourite Youtuber’s 

One of my favourite pastimes is watching You tube videos, I love either watching them in the bath, or in bed. I do like to be a lady of leisure at times.

Le Beauty Girl: I’ve loved Ysis’s blog for a while, and love her videos too. She has the most relaxing voice ever, so I find her videos so easy to watch. She could make a twenty minute video talking about washing up liquid and I’d probably watch it transfixed.

Charlotte Tilbury: I first saw Charlotte on Lisa Eldrige’s channel and loved seeing her different techniques. Slapping foundation on someones skin? I’m intrigued. Her videos are super professional and she’s a very talented make up artist. She’s worked on soooo many celebs, even the Victoria Secrets models. I’m holding out for a Victoria Secrets tutorial soon. She also seems so lovely and you can’t help but want her to come do your make up.

Super Sugar Bubble: I discovered Hayley’s videos quite recently but I really like them. Her tutorials are really informative and interesting. I also loved her recent hair tutorial in which she showed how to get Kate Middleton esque hair. Now come one who wouldn’t want K Middy’s hair?

Daily Mix Tv: Daily Mix is a new type of Youtube channel, it features almost mini tv programmes and has some of my favourite youtuber’s ever on there. I particularly love the Pixiwoo Style Me Beautiful videos and Tanya Burr’s Celebrity Style videos. I’m soooo tempted to apply to go on there as I have a slight obsession with Tanya Burr 🙂

I Covet Thee: I’m sure you’re all aware of Alex’s videos, but I just wanted to mention her channel as I really love her videos. Whenever Alex uploads a new one, I’m like I have to watch that straight away!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my weekend reading post, I always like to let you all know some of my favourite reads as I think sometimes the blogging world can be super competitive but sometimes it’s nice to show some love 🙂 I hope you’re all well and have had a good weekend!