The Magic way to wash your make up brushes..


It’s no secret that I can be a little lazy at times. For example in the past four days I’ve had off work I’ve spent most of my time on the sofa watching re runs of The Hills. Has Spencer and Heidi being on Big Brother set off nostalgia for The Hills for anyone else like it has done for me? I suddenly realised I never actually watched the final season so I’ve spent the past couple of days watching the final season and having a jolly good laugh at Spencer and his crystals. But I’m not just a couch potato, I can sometimes get a little lazy when it comes to more beauty related things. Something I’m extremely guilty for doing or should I say not doing.. is washing my make up brushes.

Beautysets - How I wash my brushes

Washing my brushes is ultimate effort in my eyes. The thing that gets me is the fact they takes agggess to dry and finding that perfect product to wash them with. However I feel I may have found a new perfect product to wash your brushes with. First up, I always run my brushes under some warm water, then I take Dr.Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap* which is a multi purpose soap, it has 18 different uses but my favourite use is for washing my brushes. The magic soap is totally natural so it won’t harm my beloved brush bristles. Some of you may have tried Dr.Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap when it was in a Glossybox/JolieBox last year, it comes in a variety of flavours, I have the almond flavour. Which I’m not exactly too keen on the smell of, it smells like really soapy if that makes sense? But I think tea tree or lavender would be a good scent to get! After rinsing my brushes in warm water, I add a couple of drops of the magic liquid soap which lathers up a right treat. After massaging the bristles and getting my hands covered in orange bubbles… lovely. I rinse my brushes till the water runs clear. After that they’re placed on a towel to dry.

The next day my brushes felt good as new, the bristles were super soft, super clean and felt so much better! I definitely should clean my brushes more often, especially when I’m going through a phase of breakouts, it helps to stop spread bacteria and after all no one likes getting spots. So there we have it, my new favourite brush cleaner. The best thing is it won’t break the bank either. a massive 236 ml bottle from ASOS is £5.50 and we all know that ASOS does super free delivery.

So are you a bit lacking when it comes to washing your brushes? I hope you’re all good, like I mentioned above I’ve had a few days off which I’ve been loving but it always goes so quickly! I hope you’ve all had a good start to week 🙂

*PR Samples