The Products You Need To Survive the Winter season


Oh Winter, we’re in the midst of it now aren’t we? This is the side of Winter  I don’t like. Oh no, no more Christmas spirit, German Markets to stroll round or firework displays to ‘oooh and ahhh’ at. This side of winter sees us struggling to walk to work in the snow (snow is only fun when you’re only plans are to go sledging.) Bitter winds whip our hair back and forth and items such as scarves leave us with matted hair like Rainbow the Dog from the Magic Roundabout. Sometimes you just want to give into Winter, you feel like throwing the towel in and thinking ‘alright, I’ll have frizzy hair till March.’ But no. We can’t do this, you have to show Winter who’s boss and here’s a selection of my favourite products to do that.

Beautysets - Products for winter

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. 

Winter is the one season that always sucks all the moisture out of my skin. My face goes from oily schmoily to flakey snakey. Lovely. So stay feeling moisturised I make sure I treat my body and face to some TLC. I’ve been using Jergens body lotion all over my limbs twice a day which has helped me over come the dryness of winter. For my face, I’ve had to invest in a super duper intensive face mask. After trying a few my favourite is the Dr Jart Water Max Sleeping Mask which is a light but also intensive mask. I pop this on over night and it adds some much needed moisture back into my skin. It has an almost serum texture which means it doesn’t take 65447 years to sink in. I pop it on ten minutes before I drift off and wake up feeling with a lot more life into my skin. I picked this up from Boots online when it was half price, so it was a bit of a bargain. It also doesn’t break me out which is a must for me. 

2. Add Some Glow

Winter seems to make everything more pale, for one my legs turn nice and pasty. However you should know by now that pasty isn’t a word in my vocabulary. I always apply some tan for a winter glow, Xen Tan is my favourite fake tan brand but for tighter budgets after Christmas, St. Moritz isn’t bad. Both can be bought from Feel Unique. 

3. Tame Those Tresses

Oh Winter, you can be a right mare for my hair. Ah I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! My number one enemy for my hair isn’t actually a winter element, nope it’s scarves and snoods. I wear these to keep the cold off my neck, but gosh they cause havoc for my hair. I’m left with the back resembling something you’d see on Frankie Cocozza and matted knots that leave you needing a gallon of de tangling spray. So in the winter, I make sure that I regularly use a hair mask. At least once a week I treat my hair to a mask and it thanks me for it that’s for sure. My recent favourite is the V05 Treat Me Right Hair Mask, I picked this up from Boots when it was on offer and it’s blooming brilliant. It’s thick, creamy and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. A must have and a nice treat when you’re lying in a hot bubble bath which is obviously another must in the winter. 

So there we have it, some of my favourite things to help me ward off the cold days and nights. Now that Christmas is over I am already craving summer. I found myself looking at the bikini’s on Topshop the other day. That my friends is dangerous territory. So I hope you’re all good and have had a good first week of 2013 🙂