Urban Decay Naked Basics: The Review.


So if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll probably know of my love for the Urban Decay Naked palette. I bought it back on the day of the Royal Wedding, you know as a celebration to Wills and Kate. I’m sure they appreciated the thought of me getting twelve eye shadows for myself. I’ve used it to the point, it’s looking a little scabby. But hey it’s been well loved. When I heard about the Naked 2 palette, I was so excited I made a date in my diary for it’s release. Yes really. But when I heard about the Naked Basics palette, I didn’t get as excited as I had before. There was no need to #prayforkelly (hardcore Urban Decay Naked 2 fans will remember that there..) Naked Basics looked good, six matte shades. Yup nice, but I wasn’t knocked off my socks wowed.

Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette

It wasn’t until I got my end of the month Beauty club card statement, which showed I had £15 in rewards to spend, paired with my staff discount I worked out I could get the Basics for just £1. I decided that it would be rude to not buy it, and after all if I didn’t like it, it would of only cost me a £1. Working in a department store sometimes has it’s advantages. So when I went to buy the Basics, I almost didn’t get it. I went to swatch it and found the eye shadows incredibly chalky, it was very touch and go for a minute. However I bought the palette and I haven’t looked back since.

So the Naked Basics Palette has six matte shades, the lightest three don’t do an awful lot for me. Venus is a light shimmery shade which I use as a high light, it’s great on the brow bone and in the inner corner. Next up is Foxy, is this in Naked 2? But it’s a yellow toned nude colour, which I only use as a base, it doesn’t really show up on my skin tone so it’s a bit of a useless one for me. Walk of Shame is a pink toned nude, which I like to mix with Naked 2 which is very similar to Naked from the first Naked Palette. It’s a tiny bit darker though. I love this colour, it’s great for the base of a neutral smokey eye and it’s also a fab eyebrow colour. It looks a little like Omega from MAC. The darker brown colour is Faint which is probably my favourite colour from the palette. A medium toned brown which is amazing in the crease to create a smokey eye or used as an all over lid colour. Finally we have Crave which is a matte black. I don’t need to say anything about that cause we all know how handy a matte black is in our collection.

Mummy and Baby naked palettes. 

I’ve been using this palette for a little while now and I’m quite impressed, it’s a nice size, you can create lots of different looks with it and it is super pigmented. When using on the eyes it’s not as chalky as I imagined. I will start using it soon with the other Naked palettes which I think it could of been intended for as the other two Naked palettes don’t have a lot of matte colours in them. All in all I’m impressed and I’m enjoying wearing a slightly more toned down eye look. Is it worth £20, I’m not sure. But if you love matte colours, then yeah it may be worth getting. Personally I’d maybe wait till the department stores do a 10% offer again, sadly I can’t tell you when. But if you follow me on Twitter I’ll let you know as soon as the offer starts, as I think if you can get a little money off this palette well then it’s even better.

Do you have the Naked Basics palette? Do you like it? Let me know your favourite colour combo’s. I’ve got another post planned to show you my favourite ways to use it so far! I hope you’re all well, today was my first day off in a whole week!! Yes the joys of working in retail eh. So I’ve been resiting the urge to just nap all day and actually do blog stuff!! So I hope you’re all not feeling as worked out as I am, and I’ll see you all soon 🙂