Urban Decay Naked Basics: Three Looks one palette


A few days ago I posted about Urban Decay’s newest offering, the Naked Basics palette. A compact palette which is full of six matte shadows. Yes six matte shadows, who’s got Urban Decay and what have they done with them? We all know from previous palettes from Urban Decay that they love a shimmery shadow, so it’s a nice change to have a palette of mattes. From the comments on my post, it seemed like some of you needed the Naked Basics palette in your life, whilst others weren’t really that bothered. Like I said, I wasn’t wowed at first, now I have it, I do like the palette and it’s a good accompaniment to the other naked palettes, however I am still iffy about that £20 price tag. But as promised here’s the follow up, some looks I’ve been trying out with the Naked Basics palette.

Look One: Subtle Smokey Eye

The good thing about the Naked Basics palette is that if you’re a fan of a more understated palette then this is one for you. This first look is a very subtle eye, it’s a bit too basic for me but it is a great one for work or for that ‘no make up make up look.’ For this looked I used Venus the lightest shimmery shade all over the lid then used a mix of Foxy and Walk of Shame as a lid colour. Then for a subtle crease contour I used Naked 2. 

Look Two: A Slightly Smokey Eye: 

This look is a little darker than the other one so it’s a bit more out there, it’s still subtle enough to be worn in the daytime for work though! This time I used Naked 2 as a lid colour, Faint in the crease to contour the eye and then the matte black shade Crave along the upper lash line to make the lashes look thicker and darker.

Look Three: A Winter Smokey Eye 

This is a look I’ve been wearing most days at the moment, I’ve been into a smokier eye this winter and Faint has been a great all over lid colour. It’s quite a warm brown so I’ve been wearing it all over and even in the lid to add some shape to my eye. I sometimes add a bit of Crave to the crease too or just to the lash line. For a slightly more dramatic look, I’ll also use liquid liner and add a cat eye flick. I should of really done a look for as well showing a dramatic smokey eye, one that’s more suited for going out. Maybe I’ll do that sometime soon!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, it seems to of taken me about five hours to write for some reason, I think this snow has got to my brain and turned it into mush! I’ve already discovered that this morning when I thought I was going to work, I put my pants on inside out, so to be honest I think I just need a good old nap. You know you’re tired when you can’t put your pants on properly. I hope you’re all well, keeping warm in the snow and safe too. Of course it is a bit ridic that we all like cancel everything due to a couple of inches of snow but hey I got a day off out of this snow, can’t complain. 😉