Benefit Fine One One: My Thoughts..


When I first heard about Benefit’s newest launch Fine One One, I was intrigued. A cheek colour and highlight stick? Huh? How would that work eh? I was instantly drawn to the highlight/peachy pink element of the product. It sounded right up my street. Luckily a few days later I was invited to the launch of Fine One One in London and off I went last week. The event was held in Benefit’s Spitalfield’s boutique. There we had a talk from the Benefit founder’s daughters Maggie and Anne (scream!) and we had a good old girly gossip. We had a demonstration of Fine One One and I was eager to get home and have a play myself. After a quick pose on a segway, I headed home clutching very firmly on to my Fine One One.

Myself and Sabrina at the Benefit Fine One One event..

Benefit’s Fine One One* 

I did have doubts about Fine One One and I’ll tell you why, basically I have used similar products like this before and have found them sometimes to move my make up around. I always feel like I need good coverage on my cheeks so I always worry about the make up being rubbed off. This is one of the main reasons why I tend to favour powder blushes over cream ones. However after using Fine One One for a couple of weeks, I can confirm it doesn’t touch your base make up at all. Hooray. You swipe the bar of peachy cheek goodness on to the apples of your cheek, make sure that the lightest end is facing upwards though or you may end up with a funky cheek effect. The colour is super pigmented so a couple of sweeps is enough for me, I then take my Real Techniques stippling brush, to stipple in the colour. I find this helps to make Fine One One last all day and gives you more a finished look. However I can imagine using just my fingers to dab this in after a long day on the beach. I wouldn’t say that the peachy colour really contours, I’d say it mixes in with the pink to create a gorgeous pinky/peach/coral flush. The highlighter adds a subtle glow to the tops of your cheek which is just so flattering. You could also add a little of the highlighter along your nose too.

I’ve also found that cream cheek products to not last that long, but after a good road test of full days at work, Fine One One definitely lasts all day, however due to it’s compact and I add rose gold exterior it’s easy to just throw into your handbag for top up’s during the day. I love Fine One One and think it’s the epiphany of lazy day make up, you can use it for your cheeks, to highlight your face and could even pop it on your lips like I have done above. I love the peachy shade, it’s very similar to Topshop’s coy but not as chalky. Overall I’m impressed with Fine One One, I love the concept, it’s easy to use, really pigmented and gives your cheeks a peachy glow which adds a little summer to our faces during this grey, rainy, cold period. One little note is that I think this might be quite hard to keep clean, I try to wipe mine after use as you obviously get make up on it. So make sure to keep on top of wiping it. So yes Benefit, you’ve done it again, another stellar product. Benefit’s Fine One One is £23.50 from Benefit stores, website or department stores such as Debenhams.

I hope you’re all well and have a good week! I now have three days off whoooop, I’m hoping to get myself up to date with blogging and have a good old chill. I’ve come down with some weird chesty cough thing, which is odd cause I don’t think I’ve had a cough since I got whooping cough back when I was like ten. That even made the front of the Shropshire Star I’ll have you know. So I hope you’re all good and not as coughy as I am. I think the rest of my Sunday should be spent eating and watching some trash tv. You agree? Oh good 🙂

*PR Sample