Get Up & Glow: my favourite highlighters..


I’m a bit of a fan of the whole dewy look. You can’t beat a bit of highlighter and in my case the more the better. Of course I do have to limit myself or I would happily prance around looking like I was Edward Cullen. And sometimes that is not a good look. I’ve been trying and testing many different highlighters over the past few months and I’ve found that my favourites are those that give you a sheen. Ones that make you look like you’re all radiant and glowy. Some highlighters are just way too glittery and no one wants to look like they belong to the disco ball family. So I thought it was time to write about my favourite highlighters, these are the ones I use most days (though not all at the same time, that would just be silly.) I have a range of powder and liquid highlighters cause well I’m nice like that. So without a further a do, my favourite highlighters that will give old Millie Mackintosh aka the dewy goddess a run for her money.

Beautysets - fave highlighters

Nars Illuminator: Copacabana: Speaking of Millie Mackintosh, I bought this after seeing her use it in a video. If you’re a fan of Made in Chelsea like I am, you may of also lusted over Millie’s dewy complexion and sheeny cheeks. Yes that is a word, hmm sheeny I like it. And I was overjoyed to hear she used this, I hopped over to John Lewis and ordered it pronto. It’s a pearly pinky shade which looks super natural and gives you a nice glow. I wasn’t wowed when I first used it, but I think that was cause my skin was a bit of a dry mess. Once I got some moisture back I’ve been loving it, I’ve been using it with my primer for a under the foundation glow. It hasn’t broke me out and smells of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.. now that my friends is a winner. I love it, it’s added some life back into my skin and remember anything that is good enough for Millie Mackintosh.. is good enough for us.

MAC Strobe Cream: This was my first dip into the highlighter ocean, so Strobe Cream will always hold a special place in my heart. I get wayyy too attached to my make up, it’s kinda sad. But basically this is great to use on the cheekbones and on your nose.. bone. I used to use it as a base for my make up but alas it broke me out. Sad face. So be warned with that, but I couldn’t not include it. It again is a pearly colour but gives you a radiant sheen.

L’oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer: This is basically a dupe for MAC Strobe Cream but a bit cheaper! Hoorah, this also doesn’t break me out, winner winner chicken dinner. I love this and I feel I do neglect it a little too much. It needs some more love. This is great for under your foundation for a glow, or adding on your cheekbones for a much needed boost. It’s great for the price and probably the best drugstore highlighter I’ve used.

So you’ve got oily skin? Think you can’t use highlighters? Wrong.. here’s some powder highlighters.

 Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter in action..

Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter: This badboy is a cult product in the beauty world. It’s something I avoided for a long time, I said to myself ‘Corrie you don’t need that!’ But when I had some gift vouchers and beauty club points to spend, it was rude to not buy it. I took the last one from the counter and paid just £1.76 for it. Win, sometimes working in a department store has it’s advantages. This is probably my new love. It’s gorgeous and I should of got it sooner. It has a mixture of colours, which all bronzy/gold but are just so lovely. I like to sweep a blush brush in all the colours for a sheeny bronze blush, then put my Real Techniques contour brush in the lightest two colours to highlight my cheekbones and nose. It just adds the most flattering glow and photographs beautifully. This is my favourite highlight. Yes it’s pricey, but by heck it’s beautiful.

MAC: Mineralise Skin Finish: Porcelain Pink: This was a bit of a not very thought out purchase, I wanted Soft and Gentle but the MAC store in Covent garden had sold out. The assistant told me this was basically identical. Being in a bit of a rush and put on the spot I bought it. It’s not the same as Soft and Gentle but nevertheless it is pretty. This is more of a pinky/gold sheen and has a almost iridescent pink colour. I use this a blush for days when I want to girly up my make up. It’s very pretty but I can’t say it’s anything on Amber Diamond. Porcelain Pink was part of the Apres Chic collection, so I’m not sure if it’s still out.. but yeah.

So there we go, my favourite highlighters. I’m also going to do a post on the best foundations to use to get a glowy look as quite a lot of you comment in my videos and on here about how I achieve dewy skin. So with any of these you in your life, you could definitely give any of those Made in Chelsea girls a run for their money in terms of glowy skin. See you soon 🙂