How To keep your hair looking bouncy and curly all day…


You all know how much I love my enrapture rollers. They’re officially called my babies, I treat them like they’re my children, they transform my hair and make me feel like the before and after Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries.. a film that is under rated in my opinion. But it’s quite often that I get emails, tweets or comments saying how some of you have bought the rollers but can’t get the curls to last. Now obviously not everyone’s hair is the same, but I’m going to tell you about what I do to keep my hair looking curly all day. It might work for you, it might not but this is what I’ve picked up over the past years of trying to achieve Cheryl Cole esque hair.

Dirty Hair: Sadly my hair works so much better when it’s not freshly washed, it holds it style better, I get more volume and it just works so much better. I would always recommend that if you have a party to go to, or an event where you want your hair to last.. wash your hair the night before. It will last so much longer. Spritz some dry shampoo into the roots to freshen up if needs be and it will add some volume too. I do of course envy the likes of Kate Middleton who hair looks freshly washed and hair style lasts all day, but she’s a princess and I suppose if you can’t get your hair to last when you’re a princess you may as well just go home.

Pre Style Spray: If you can’t bear the whole dirty hair feeling or if you’re like me you can to some extent, I’ve found a pretty good product to use when blow drying your hair. This is what I call the hair spray before your curls, this is your primer. The pre style. L’oreal’s Heat Protect Styling Spray is a fairly new addition to L’oreal’s Elnett line. You spray it on damp hair and it protects against heat and helps to keep curls in your hair for up to three days. Personally nothing will work on my hair to make it last for three days, that’s impossible. But I’ve noticed since using this my hair has lasted longer, even when it’s freshly washed the curls last a lot longer than they did before. You can also get it for volume, waves and straight hair. I love it, I’m almost out of it and I will be repurchasing. It’s a new must have hair product for me and word on the street is that Cheryl’s hair stylist uses it on her hair. If it’s good enough for Cheryl’s locks, it’s good enough for mine.

The Hair Spray: Hair spray is sooooo important when curling your hair. I am a  big fan of hair spray, I ashamedly go through quite a lot which means there’s a permanent hair spray cloud round my flat. Sorry polar bears. My ultimate hair spray is L’oreal’s Elnett. It’s a classic isn’t it? But it’s the best and I’ve used a lot of hair spray. Yes it smells of old ladies. but you know what you get over it. It doesn’t feel sticky, your hair isn’t crispy. You can’t even tell you have hair spray in, your hair just looks naturally styled. I love it. It’s a holy grail product and if you want your curls to last.. you need to get this.

So teamed with these products, a backcombing brush and my rollers, you’re on your way to big hair. I hope it works for any of you that are having problems making your hair last! I hope you’re all good and having a good week, I’m still feeling full from all those pancakes from yesterday! 🙂