One from the archive’s.. Topshop clueless lipstick


If you’re anything like me, and I’m assuming you’re beauty obsessed as you’re reading this blog.. you will have a ton of beauty products. Being that I live in a pretty small flat, I don’t have a proper space to store all my make up. Therefore they are all separated in different glossybox’s and make up bags! Oh how I dream about the day I have a proper dressing table! I was having a rummage through my lipstick box which has some forgotten gems in. One of those was Topshop’s lipstick Clueless. A bright fuchsia pink which is perfect for brightening up your make up. I took all the photos and then realised I’d already blogged about this bad boy. But I thought I can’t not post about it, so here we are, Topshop’s Clueless round two.

Topshop Clueless Lipstick 

This is an actual lip stick, and I have Coy by topshop which is quite matte and drying. However although Clueless is matte, it’s not chalky. I’d recommend making sure you’ve prepped your lips before though, we all know that matte lipstick can show up every flaw. The colour is something else though, I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my make up lately. I blame the weather. In the summer, I’ll wear barely anything but in the winter, I’m slapping on the foundation and eyeliner like there’s no tomorrow. It wasn’t until till I took a face of the day photo and thought ‘OH MY GOD. I LOOK LIKE I SHOULD BE ON TAKE ME OUT.’ I looked older and even though sometimes I like to look older, especially in my job as some women think that a 21 year old can’t dress people. However I suddenly realised, i wanted to strip my make up back. So armed with some Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, I’ve taken my make up back to natural. A natural base goes hand in hand with a bright lipstick. I’m a big believer of only letting one part of your face do the talking; it’s eyes or lips. Not both. It’s like the legs or boobs rule. Never both and don’t even think about including a bit of tummy. Gosh I sound like a nun.

The thing I’ve also been loving about Clueless is the fact it’s so long lasting. I worked out this lasted a good three hours without needing a top up. In this time I ate and drank so to me that’s pretty impressive. Usually with lighter lipsticks, you could re applying every half hour! All in all, I have been really loving Clueless the past few days and I promise to wear it more often. Now I have a hankering for more bright lipsticks. I want a red lipstick which I’ve been coveting along with ombre hair since seeing Rihanna at the Grammys. So there we have it, sometimes it’s a good thing to keep make up hidden away, as when you find a gem, it’s like going shopping but without damaging your bank balance. Win win. I hope you all had a great weekend, I’m loving having some time off work. I’ve been proper lazy which I think is something you just have to do when you’ve got time off! I’m off now as I need to go clear out my wardrobe.. good god wish me luck!